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Faculty Members Available to Supervise

The following faculty members have indicated their availability to supervise during the 2024-2025 academic session.

Name Area Research Interest Email
Shamel Addas Management Information Systems Available to supervise students with interests in interactions between humans and technology and their impacts on individual behaviors & outcomes (e.g., use of intelligent AI systems, digital health systems, the dark side of technology use). I use primarily quantitative methods.
Goce Andrevski Strategy My current research explores 1) the cognitive drivers of responses and non-responses to competitive attacks, 2) the effects of hostile vs. proactive competitive aggressiveness, 3) the competitive outcomes of alliances and mergers, and 4) the influence of public opinion on rivalry
Laurence Ashworth Marketing I use experiments (online, lab, and field) to study consumer psychology. Recent work with graduate students has investigated why people react so negatively to persuasion and factors that cause gift recipients to become suspicious of the gifts they receive.
Kathryn Brohman Management Information Systems My research aims to advance digital research and practice at Smith. Topics of interest include remote patient monitoring, fake news, social inclusion and justice, sustainable business practices, and digital transformation.
Paul Calluzzo Finance My research interests are focused on institutional investors, corporate governance, mutual fund performance, and empirical asset pricing.
Pierre Chaigneau Finance At the PhD level, theoretical research in corporate finance and corporate governance for students with strong training in mathematics and economics.
Sean Cleary Finance I am available to supervise MSc students in sustainable finance research.
Evan Dudley Finance I am available to supervise empirical research in finance using domestic or international data. Broad range of topics including corporate finance, climate finance and fixed income markets.
Elaheh Fata Analytics I am available to supervise analytical research. Students should be comfortable with mathematical modeling, probability, optimization and machine learning.
Ricard Gil Business Economics My research specializes in organizational economics with a focus on strategy and industrial organization. My research has been published in journals such as American Economic Journal, Management Science, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization , and Marketing Science, among others.
Anthony Goerzen International Business My research examines how multinational organizations (i.e., corporations, nongovernmental organizations, policy-makers) improve social justice & environmental stewardship within global supply chains. A second area of focus is the role of “global cities” in the process of globalization.
Raga Gopalakrishnan Analytics I am interested in the modeling, analysis, and optimal design of queues with strategic agents, which involves blending models of human strategic interaction (game-theoretic and other behavioral models) with traditional queueing models using a rigorous mathematical approach.
Jay Handelman Marketing I am available to supervise students interested in a qualitative approach to consumer and marketplace phenomena. This is particularly relevant for students interested in taking a sociological perspective on marketing and consumer behaviour.
Yu Hou Accounting I am enthusiastic about exploring interesting topics on capital markets, primarily using archival data and novel analytical technologies. My recent work has delved into understanding the roles of analysts and auditors in the contexts of unique settings in the US and China.
Olena Ivus Business Economics My research employs both theory and empirical work to study aspects of international trade law and regulation, intellectual property protection, and international high-skilled migration.
Ceren Kolsarici Analytics and Marketing My research focuses on generating consumer insights using data analytics, artificial intelligence and empirical econometric models to help profit and non-profit firms and policy makers improve their decisions.
Michelle Lee Strategy My research topics of interest include shareholder activism, strategic leadership, CSR, and social class. Willing to *co-supervise* for the 2024-2025 academic year.
Yanzhe (Murray) Lei Analytics My current research focuses on designing practical data-driven analytics for complex decision-making problems, and understanding how to make data-driven analytics better aligned with societal values, especially privacy and fairness.
Yuri Levin Analytics Revenue management and dynamic pricing, customer behavior modelling, generative AI, and responsible AI.
Guang Li Analytics My research focuses on revenue management, retail operations, and policy design and decision-making, using techniques from optimization, game theory, to machine learning. Currently advising three PhDs (one will soon graduate); open to more pending a match in research interests.
Jean-Baptiste Litrico Strategy My research interests include: Social Innovation; Institutional Change; Sustainability; Environmental Issues; Business Collective Action.
Bertrand Malsch Accounting My research is informed by socio-organizational perspectives, and focuses on a variety of contemporary issues, including the impact of audit regulation on professionalism, the effect of standard setting processes, the realization of the public interest, and the construction of auditor identity.
Mikhail Nediak Analytics
Yulia Nevskaya Marketing Available to supervise students interested in quantitative marketing. Wide range of topics, including digital content consumption, consumer response to advertising, consumer information use. Broad set of methods, such as machine learning, choice modeling, dynamic programming.
Ekin Ok Marketing My research is in consumer psychology. I am particularly interested in the topics of self and identity, interpersonal relationships, consumer-brand relationships, and prediction errors (e.g., planning fallacy and affective forecasting).
Anton Ovchinnikov Analytics I look for one or two MSc students to work on sustainability/ESG-related topics in analytics, management science, and operations.
Kelley Packalen Strategy My current work focuses on integrity in academia and beyond as well as work integration social enterprises. I draw on theories from organization studies, entrepreneurship and sociology with a focus on imprinting, moral disengagement and organizational culture.
Erica Pimentel Accounting I use qualitative methods (interviews and netnography) to study how technology impacts professionals at work. I am particularly interested in how professions are changing in light of new technologies like blockchain and remote work.
Jean-Paul Roy International Business I am available to supervise research in the areas of international joint venture partner selection, trust and commitment in international partnerships, the social networking practices of managers in China and Japan, and broader research on management practices in Japan.
Lynnette Purda Finance Available to supervise empirical research in finance using domestic or international data. Broad range of topics including environmental disclosures, fraud, corporate philanthropy (and other CSR activities), and technology’s impact on financial services and capital raising.
Steven Salterio Accounting I have successfully supervised students in archival, field, and experimental research in auditing, management accounting, and corporate governance. My belief is that your research passion is determined by you and that together we develop a topic that fits your goals.
Michael Sartor International Business My research focuses on international business and global business strategy with an emphasis on the effects of the institutional environment in foreign markets upon the strategies and performance of multinational enterprises (MNEs).
Sandy Staples Management Information Systems Available to supervise theoretically-grounded empirical studies on topics such as virtual/remote work (individual or team focus), agile project management, or other studies on tech-enabled practices. I consider myself a soft positivist and am comfortable with a variety of methods.
Tandy Thomas Marketing Available to supervise Consumer Culture Theory based research. While not an exhaustive list, my primary areas of interest are collective and family identity, consumer practices and identities, and the intersections of these concepts.
Vedat Verter Analytics My expertise is in real life applications of healthcare analytics. The projects I carry out are typically at hospitals, and other care providing institutions. The work involves performing descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics on patient data.
Gongtai Wang Management Information Systems My research studies how firms transform industries through fundamentally rethinking and strategically redesigning traditional products, services, and businesses with emerging digital technologies such as AI, blockchain, Metaverse, and IoT using qualitative case study methods.
Michael Welker Accounting I would be interested in supervising in the following areas of inquiry: International Accounting Financial & ESG disclosure issues General ESG issues (trade-offs between financial & ESG issues, compensation structure, etc. Earnings Management Measuring & reporting financial risk.
Ning Zhang Accounting I am interested in the role of information and financial reporting incentives in financial markets.