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Advancing Business
and Society Through
Research Impact


Smith School of Business researchers value the diverse ways that research contributions can be made through a breadth of perspectives, methodologies, and philosophies. It is this diversity in thought that drives our researchers to examine a range of timely and important phenomena that has impact for the academic community, the broader business community, and society.

Wanda Costen

Dean's Message

Research is a critically important function of Smith School of Business. By generating new knowledge and fresh perspectives, we advance the practice of business and tackle important societal challenges.

Research Awards

Smith School of Business has created awards to recognize and celebrate the research excellence of faculty and PhD students.

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Smith faculty, graduate students and research partners advance management and society through exceptional research based on core values of relevance, innovation, commitment, and excellence.

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Research Centres & Initiatives

Smith’s research centres and initiatives focus on moving research forward, applying insights to business applications, working with business partners, and enriching students’ education.

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Research News

The latest in research expertise and thought leadership from Smith Business Insight.


Corporate Finance Theory

The workshop brings together theorists working in corporate finance, and involves several presentations of early-stage work so that presenters can benefit from comments and suggestions from the audience.

Research Support

Smith's dedicated Research Office strives to inspire a culture of recognition, mentorship, and support for research while sharing and celebrating accomplishments with the broader community. Research activity is facilitated by ensuring access to financial resources and administrative support.

Research at Queen's

Research represents one of the most dynamic elements of the university enterprise at Queen's. We are committed to providing the support required to assist individual faculty members achieve excellence in research and scholarship, and ultimately maintain our profile as one of Canada's top research-intensive universities.

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