Smith School of Business has a number of specialized services for our students and the community. From consulting to career advancement, and our business support network, discover how we can assist you.

The Career Advancement Centre

The Career Advancement Centre at Smith School of Business provides many opportunities and services for companies to optimize access to our top talent. Our Corporate Relations team works with you to raise your company profile and engage students. From entry-level talent to middle managers and senior executives, Smith School of Business at Queen’s University has the talent you need.

Smith Business Consulting

Smith Business Consulting, Canada's top undergraduate consulting program, is a year-round venture managed by senior undergraduate commerce students under the direction of the Smith School of Business faculty. SBC provides a range of cost-effective consulting services to owners, managers and staff of small and medium-sized businesses as well as professionals from not-for-profit and public organizations.

Queen's Executive Decision Centre

The Queen’s Executive Decision Centre has developed innovative uses of technology to support the planning and decision-making tasks of executive teams from both private- and public-sector. Services provided by the Centre include: strategic planning; focus groups; team-building; group problem-solving; business process re-engineering; and brainstorming. As the technology is fully portable, these tasks may be undertaken at Queen’s or other locations.

Kingston Region Business Support Network

Smith School of Business at Queen’s University is joining forces with the City of Kingston and Kingston Economic Development to provide student and faculty resources to help local businesses, not-for-profits, and social enterprises navigate and survive the impact of COVID-19.