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Connecting students’ classroom learning with practical experience, while providing organizations with valuable student talent.

Industry & Community

Smith’s Experiential Learning team is dedicated to helping industry and community partners take advantage of our many experiential learning options, and connect with students across our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Discover the benefits and multiple ways of participating, and the various incentives, tax credits and grants available to organizations.

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“Providing real-world experiences for our students is at the heart of Smith’s approach to business education. Mutually beneficial collaborations with industry – such as internships, capstone projects, Living Cases and hackathons — give our students valuable experience. It enhances their learning while better preparing them for employment after their degree. I thank our many industry partners for their important contribution to the student experience at Smith.”

Wanda Costen
Dean, Smith School of Business

Industry Partner Benefits


Access exceptional talent

Build a pipeline of future employees by engaging with Smith’s highly motivated and skilled students. Evaluate prospective candidates for new or permanent positions, while they are working with your organization.

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Leverage student expertise & knowledge

With 18 academic programs at the undergraduate, early-career, mid-career, and research-focus levels, Smith provides a greater breadth of talent than any other Canadian business school.

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Promote your brand and profile

Experiential learning can showcase your culture, employment opportunities, and values to prospective hires. In a competitive talent landscape, building connection with your brand can be essential in securing the right hires.


Boost innovation

Smith students are future leaders who contribute new thinking and ideas that will drive organizational innovation.


Support diversity & inclusion

Foster meaningful engagement with a variety of student groups, including D&I clubs and related case competitions. Hire an intern or mentor a student.


Achieve strong ROI

Advance important work at competitive labour costs. Plus there are incentives, tax credits and grants available specifically for experiential learning.

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