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Smith School of Business at Queen’s University is renowned for its excellence, innovation and leadership in business education. From establishing the first undergraduate business degree over a century ago to creating groundbreaking programs and courses in emerging areas, Smith is at the forefront of preparing students for the business world.

Smith School of Business

Business happens beyond boardrooms, markets, and borders. Cultural shifts, geopolitical changes, technology innovations — it all impacts business. At Smith we anticipate the rapidly changing business landscape and prepare you for it.

Smith MBA Ranked #1 in Canada

The Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business has secured the top spot in the country in the recently released Financial Times Global MBA ranking.

Smith now official partner of Canadian Paralympic Committee

New partnership provides CPC sport members greater access to professional development at Smith.

Smith expands relationship with top Latin American business school

A new double-degree with INCAE Business School in Costa Rica enables Master of International Business students to earn Global MBA and MIB degrees.

Ten Team Canada Athletes to Join Smith Graduate Programs

A new wave of athletes has been granted Game Plan Awards to pursue post-secondary education at Smith.

Our Programs

Knowledge & Skills

Smith’s programs deliver the knowledge, skills and personal development you need to thrive in this ever-changing business world. General management or specialized, professional or research-based, degree or development, full-time or while working, we have a rich portfolio of options.

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Thought Leadership

Smith Business Insight

Exploration, commentary and perspective from Smith faculty and experts.

Empowering Women in Global Mining

Empowering Women in Global Mining

Canadian NGO shows how to bring real change to a rough and tumble sector

How to Craft a Cringe-Free Personal Brand

How to Craft a Cringe-Free Personal Brand

Spelling out why you’re awesome may feel crass, but it can help you stand out to employers, peers and clients

Are You a Good Negotiator?

Are You a Good Negotiator?

The ability to make smart deals is a skill we can all use. Here’s what most people get wrong, and what good negotiators get right

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Creating new knowledge is a central tenet of the Smith School of Business mission. Our research success is the product of the commitment and knowledge of faculty, students, and staff, and our collaborations and partnerships with external organizations.

Learn more about Research at Smith

Research Excellence

Our annual Research Excellence Awards celebrate the outstanding research progress of professors and students in a number of categories.

Centres of Focus

Our research centres concentrate on specific areas of focus including sustainable finance, analytics, social impact, business venturing, governance, and more.

World-class Faculty

Smith’s professors and PhD scholars are active in all areas of business and management research, regularly publish in top journals, and are globally renowned.

Research Degrees

Smith MSc and PhD programs offer students the opportunity to develop critical thinking and research skills and delve deeply into specific topics.

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