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Strategic Plan

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At Smith School of Business our role is to develop the people, research, and insights that drive best business practices so organizations can thrive and benefit society.

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Smith School of Business Purpose

To be a safe and inclusive learning community which creates, debates, and implements impactful ideas that lead business and society forward.

Our Purpose Statement was created through a collaborative process with Smith faculty and staff. It provides the focus that will guide our efforts in the years ahead. The Purpose includes key dimensions identified in the development process:

  • Safe and Inclusive – An environment where people of all backgrounds and experiences are respected, free to share their perspectives, and be their authentic selves.
  • Community – We are more than a campus or institution. We are a network of talented and diverse people who collaborate to achieve our Purpose.
  • Creates – We strive to be at the forefront of business innovation.
  • Debates – High-impact ideas cannot be created without embracing and welcoming dissenting points of view.
  • Implements – Ideas without execution do not create value for society.
  • Impactful – The impact of our efforts will not only benefit business, but positively advance society.

6 Strategic Priorities

Prepare Current & Future Graduates to Solve Big Challenges

Provide excellent education that prepares our graduates for a broad range of roles in a changing world, where they will have a positive impact on business and society.

Learn more about priority 1

Ensure an Inclusive Student Experience

Diversify our programs and ensure a positive, inclusive experience that reflects business and society now.

Learn more about priority 2

Be a Positive Force in Our Communities

Increase Smith’s positive impact on our external communities at the local, national, and global levels.

Learn more about priority 3

Support a Vibrant & Productive Research Culture

Leverage and grow Smith’s research culture and capabilities to create new knowledge that positively contributes to business practice and society.

Learn more about priority 4

Change the World with Our Knowledge

Be a thought leader by sharing evidence-based ideas and insights that propel business and society forward.

Learn more about priority 5

Inspire & Support Our People

Invest in the enabling and connecting infrastructure, resources, and processes that will better inspire and support our people.

Learn more about priority 6

Strategic Plan Development Process

In 2022 the School began work on a new five-year Strategic Plan. We deliberately took a collaborative and iterative approach. Hundreds of faculty, staff, students, and alumni were engaged.

January 2022

Development of Purpose

facilitated staff & faculty session

Development of Purpose

survey of staff & faculty

Purpose Draft

review by Executive Committee
June 2022

Purpose Finalization

staff & faculty town hall

Identification of Priorities

staff & faculty town hall

Feedback on Draft Priorities

staff & faculty online feedback

Establishment of Working Groups

call for staff & faculty volunteers
August 2022

Working Groups’ Draft Recommendations

discussions at staff & faculty retreat

Working Groups’ Final Recommendations

September 2022

Strategy Team Named by Dean

Strategy Team’s Refinement of Recommendations

January 2023

Strategic Plan Working Draft

review by Executive Committee
February 2023

Strategic Plan Working Draft

review by Advisory Board & Global Council

Strategic Plan Proposed Draft

review in staff & faculty town hall
Mar/Apr 2023

Final Consultation

call for final comments from students, alumni, stakeholders, staff & faculty

Strategy Team review of all feedback and possible changes

Final Strategic Plan Draft

Aug/Sept 2023

Launch Roll-out & Community Engagement


Progress Reports

We will formally report annually on our progress with our first report coming out mid-2024.

Queen's University

Queen’s University Mission

Queen’s is the university for the future. We stand on a history of strength but are unafraid to challenge assumptions of the past. We offer an exceptional student experience, attract and cultivate excellence and leadership, and push the boundaries of knowledge through research — in service to an inclusive, diverse, and sustainable society.


The Queen’s community — our people — will solve the world’s most significant and urgent challenges with their intellectual curiosity, passion to achieve, and commitment to collaborate.


  • Truth – We stand for truth, integrity, creativity, and the power of the mind to understand problems and find solutions.
  • Responsibility – We accept our responsibility to build a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist community for our people, to indigenize and decolonize the academy, and in all that we do, to observe the interests of the planet and the life it sustains.
  • Respect – We believe in collegiality, civility, generosity, trust, equity, inclusion, and respect for all, and in the relevance and potential of all the disciplines and professions, especially in their intersections and synergies.
  • Freedom – We uphold the principles of academic freedom and defend university autonomy.
  • Wellbeing – We nurture the health, safety, and wellbeing of our people and community.
Learn more about Queen's strategy