Chakrabarti, Abhirup

Associate Professor & Distinguished Faculty Fellow of Strategy

Abhirup Chakrabarti is Associate Professor and Distinguished Faculty Fellow of Strategy at Smith School of Business.

Dr. Chakrabarti studies organizational intelligence, exploring how organizations identify challenges, select among alternatives, integrate across units, and overcome institutional constraints. He studies these dynamics in the context of business reconfiguration, where firms reorganize by growing (M&A), refocusing, relocating, and divesting. His current research program uses these insights to examine how regulators, investors, and firms interact during upheaval events. He studies how these interactions lead to important but puzzling economic (SSHRC Insight Grant), environmental (SSHRC Insight Development Grant), and socioeconomic outcomes. His work has appeared in Global Strategy Journal, Organization Science, and Strategic Management Journal, and has achieved recognition from the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada and the Strategic Management Society.

 Dr. Chakrabarti’s courses align closely with his research. In the Smith Commerce and MBA programs, he teaches courses on organizational intelligence. In the Smith Master of International Business program, he discusses policy and strategy in the macroeconomic context, exploring how local governments and firms navigate large cross-border capital flows. For PhD students, he conducts seminars on corporate strategy, and on research methodology examining the application of econometrics to problems of strategy. For Executive MBA participants, he has conducted sessions on business growth and M&A, and on navigating economic recessions. While at McGill, Dr Chakrabarti co-directed the Analytic Mindset Module along with Henry Mintzberg during the initial years of the McGill-HEC Montreal EMBA program.

 Prior to joining Queen’s University, he was Assistant Professor at McGill University. He has previously taught at Duke University and at the National University of Singapore.



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