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The MSc program includes nine areas of specialization featuring challenging courses and research opportunities to begin developing your analytic and research skills. Regardless of the specialization you choose, the curriculum includes research methodology and design, as well as a major research project.

Choose Your Specialization

Schedule a virtual 1-on-1 meeting with a member of our program team to learn which specialization matches your academic or research-oriented career goals.


Designed for those interested in pursuing PhD studies, this specialization provides an advanced understanding of the conceptual foundations of accounting for the pursuit of highly-focused research.


This specialization offers those interested in analytical approaches to managerial problems the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of the theories and concepts used in developing data-driven decision-making processes.

Business Economics

For those interested in applied economics research, this specialization is an opportunity to study areas more closely related to the management of organizations, including applications in entrepreneurship, industrial organization, competitive strategy and international trade.


Develop a deeper grounding in financial theory and empiricism and explore advance derivatives valuation, corporate finance, empirical topics and research methods to embark on an academic or research-oriented career.

International Business

Examine the ways in which economic globalization and a firm’s international presence has an impact upon its organization, processes and competitive-advantage business strategy. This specialization provides a broad overview of the international management field for those interested in pursuing an academic career. 

Management Information Systems

This specialization draws on a wide range of disciplines to examine the impact of digital technology and data on individuals, groups, organizations and society. Beyond course work, students learn how to design and conduct research studies that enhance knowledge and impact technology management practices.


Establish a solid grounding in marketing strategy, management and consumer behaviour in preparation for PhD studies and an academic career. This specialization provides students with the opportunity to conduct in-depth research into the area of marketing that most interests them.

Organizational Behaviour

This specialization draws on several disciplines, including psychology, sociology and economics in examining the behaviour of individuals, groups and organizations to provide students with a solid foundation for understanding and conducting research in area of organizational behaviour. 


This specialization is an interdisciplinary area that combines theories from sociology, economics, and psychology to study how organizations relate to their economic, institutional and social environment. Through coursework and a masters thesis students gain an introduction to the field preparing them for a subsequent PhD degree and/or a research-oriented job in industry.

“I greatly enjoy the classes in which we are exposed to MSc and PhD students in different areas of management. The variety of perspectives and backgrounds that a diverse classroom brings makes for more interesting and formative experiences than if we were completely siloed in our respective areas. I have formed friendships with students studying a variety of topics at Smith and my experience has been all the better because of them.”

Jessie Kim, MSc Candidate
Specialization: Organizational Behaviour