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Areas of Specialization

MSc in Business Economics

Students in this specialization develop a thorough grounding in microeconomic theory and econometrics, followed by more applied topics including application to entrepreneurship, industrial organization, competitive strategy and international trade. Graduates will be prepared to pursue PhD studies as well as research-oriented positions in consulting, banking, government and public policy.

Is this Specialization for you?

Discover how this program aligns with your academic or research oriented career goals. Request a virtual one-on-one meeting with a member of our program team.

Recommended Undergraduate Degrees

  • Economics
  • Business or Commerce
  • Science
  • Math
  • Statistics

GMAT and GRE requirement: minimum 80th percentile in the quant section.

Program Structure and Content

This is a 12-month program beginning in September. Each student is required to complete the following courses and a research project of publishable quality. Course work completion consists of the following:

Course Credits
Economics of Organizations (MGMT 882) 3
Microeconomic Theory (ECON 810) 3
Applied Statistics and Econometrics (MGMT 988) 3
Managerial Economics and Policy Seminar (MGMT 885) 3
Econometric Methods (MGMT 890) 3
Macroeconomic Theory (ECON 815) or elective 3

Major Research Project (MGMT 898)