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Equip yourself with the knowledge and capabilities needed to play a part in the future of your organization. Completing your Queen’s Advanced Executive Certificate showcases your knowledge of the core concepts required to succeed in the senior roles: leadership, strategy and execution.

Customize your learning pathway to match your goals with options curated by our team of learning experts, top faculty and industry professionals to ensure relevance in today’s market.

Queen's Advanced Executive Certificate
Certificate Checklist

Design your own
learning pathway

Learn at your own pace with content tailored to your needs. You can earn the Queen’s Advanced Executive Certificate by completing all long-format options or all short-format options. Or a combination of both. You choose the order. You choose the timeline.

If you completed an eligible program that is not part of our current offerings, it will still count towards your Certificate. Please contact us for an update on your progress.

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Participants must complete the Leadership requirement by completing either the long-format option or both short-format programs.




Participants must complete the Strategy requirement by completing either the long-format option or both short-format programs.



General Management

Participants must complete the General Management requirement by completing one of the long-format options or four short-format programs.

Long-format (pick one):

Short-format (pick four):

* Programs listed as In-Person Only will have future dates when restrictions allow. All dates are subject to change due to COVID-19.

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Janice Kaffer

“I came to the program to prepare for a greater role in the leadership of the organization. Besides providing practical knowledge and skills, I was exposed to different perspectives – from the instructors and fellow participants. This eye-opening experience has in influenced the work I’ve been doing since becoming CEO.”

Janice Kaffer President and CEO
Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare
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