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Spotlight on International Women's Day

Celebrating the work of female researchers and thought leaders at Smith

International Women's Day 2022

International Women's Day on March 8 celebrates women's accomplishments and aims to increase visibility of their hard work and success. The day also signals a call to action to help forge a gender equal world. This call to action is especially important given recent and current events—from the pandemic to the war in Ukraine—and the unique struggles that women around the globe face.

This International Women’s Day, Smith Business Insight is showcasing women's achievements by featuring some of the most impactful ideas and articles by female faculty, staff, alumni and students from the past year. These thought leaders uncover useful insights for business across a diverse range of fields—from marketing and finance to leadership and social impact. 

Explore new ideas, get inspired and discover better ways of doing things through these 15 articles:


How to Speak Up Without Hurting Your Career

Half of employees are reluctant to share their ideas and opinions. Here’s how to find your voice. And how leaders can help.
Co-authored by Professor Jana Raver

Why the Time Has Come for the Four-Day Work Week

Spooked by the Great Resignation? Here’s why smart organizations are responding with the Great Experimentation.
By Professor Tina Dacin

Can Gamification and Visualization Green Our Workplaces?

Few workers know whether their green efforts in the office make any difference.
Featuring Professor Jane Webster

When Will Auditors Join the Blockchain Gang?

With new technology threatening to automate them out of existence, auditors are struggling to find their place in fintech.
Featuring Professor Erica Pimentel

How Does Shareholder Unrest Affect CEO Careers?

A lot depends on whether investors are upset about a company’s financial results or its poor social impact.
Featuring Professor Michelle Lee

How to Lead Under Pressure

What Olympic athletes can teach us about leading teams when the pressure is rising.
Featuring Diana Drury, director of team and executive coaching, MBA/Masters programs

What You Need to Know About Digital Transformation

The business world is going digital. Don't get left behind.
Webinar on demand with Professors Kathryn Brohman and Elspeth Murray

Solving the Second Shift Problem in Bangladesh

New research helps women entrepreneurs juggle life at home and at work.
Featuring Professor Paula López-Peña

Training Future Leaders to Thrive

In a social impact world, business education must evolve to meet the changing expectations of organizations.
By Dean Wanda Costen

How Technology Can Power Group Innovation

Discover how tech tools can help us find breakthrough ideas.
Featuring Professor Tracy Jenkin

Searching for a Risk Map in Stormy Times

Companies are flying through turbulence as their exposure to climate hazards slowly comes into focus.
Featuring Sara Alvarado, executive director at the Institute for Sustainable Finance

The Route to Trusted AI

What the financial services sector can teach us about preparing for the age of artificial intelligence.
Featuring Stephanie Kelley, PhD candidate

Nudging Consumers? Well, That's a Start

Convincing people to change their behaviour is all in the details.
Featuring Professor Nicole Robitaille

Is the Future of Work Remote First?

An expert on team culture answers questions about what we’ve learned from working at home—and what’s next.
Featuring Professor Shawna O'Grady

A Way to Uncover HR's Hidden Insights

Natural language processing is changing the way human resources departments work.
By Heidi KlotzMaster of Management Analytics alumni