Smith Business Insight Podcast

Smith Business Insight Podcast

A Brave New Workplace. That sounds just what we need right about now — a positive vision of the workplace that is productive, healthy and safe — for everyone. One led by brave leaders willing to step away from the status quo. 

It’s a vision that Julian Barling sets out in his latest book, Brave New Workplace. And that’s what we’re serving up in Season 3 of the Smith Business Insight podcast series. 

In this five-part series, join host Alan Morantz as he explores the key themes of leadership, workplace safety, autonomy and meaning with Julian Barling, one of the world’s top organizational and leadership researchers. They discuss the fallout from some big disruptions in the workplace — everything from the Covid pandemic to changing expectations of what work should offer employees. 

And if you’re a team leader or an entrepreneur, don’t forget to check out Seasons 1 and 2. TEAMS Work and The Start-up Cycle are all about helping you take your team to the next level and overcoming the obstacles in the way of building a business from the ground up.


Available Episodes

  • Season 3. Episode 5

    BRAVE NEW WORKPLACE: Looming Issues

    Robot bosses? Random safety checks at your home office? We may be careening into the unknown, but the workplace of the future will be guided by familiar human needs

  • Season 3. Episode 4


    Engaging work and the chance to help others — not money or self-interest — are the ultimate job motivators. Someone forgot to tell the boss

  • Season 3. Episode 3


    Members of the organizational elite expect to have a major say in how and where they do their own jobs. What will it take for them to get over their need to micromanage others?

  • Season 3. Episode 2


    The fallout from Covid has changed how we talk about the management of workplace health and safety

  • Season 3. Episode 1


    A look behind the hero’s cape reveals the secrets guiding great leaders and the shortcomings of wannabes

  • Season 2. Episode 5

    TEAMS Work: Innovating Teams

    Innovation teams have jumped from tech firms to general organizations that need to find creative responses to rapid-fire change. What makes them special?

  • Season 2. Episode 4

    TEAMS Work: Building High EQ Teams

    We know how important it is for people to have emotional intelligence to thrive in the workplace. The same goes for teams. Here’s a road map to build team-wide EQ

  • Season 2. Episode 3

    TEAMS Work: Secrets of Knowledge-Hungry Teams

    People seem too busy or shy or skittish to share information or offer advice that would improve a team member’s performance. This episode shows you how to release the knowledge dam.

  • Season 2. Episode 2

    TEAMS Work: Aligning Diverse Voices

    How do team leaders align diverse voices? And how can a diverse mindset be cultivated, whether or not you’re in charge?

  • Season 2. Episode 1

    TEAMS Work: Managing Boundary-Busting Teams

    How do we build teams that make the most of being hybrid, and how do we keep pulling in the same direction… even when we’re not in the same space?

  • Season 1. Episode 6

    Start-up Cycle: Perseverance

    Starting a business is one thing, discover how to keep going when the going gets tough.

  • Season 1. Episode 5

    Start-up Cycle: Sustaining

    Too many start-ups hit the ground running, and then sputter out before their time is up. Don’t let it happen to you. This episode focuses on finding ways to sustain your business as it grows.

  • Season 1. Episode 4

    Start-up Cycle: Scaling

    One of the challenges when you are growing your business is finding the right balance: do you grow the leadership team first, or focus on the sales force? And how far into the future should you be casting your gaze? We tackle these questions and hear what makes great entrepreneurial teams tick.

  • Season 1. Episode 3

    Start-up Cycle: Financing

    You know your business idea is worth a million bucks – now you just have to convince someone to give you the cash to make it happen. But while some say it is easier than ever for start-ups to raise money, one question remains: what’s the best way to do it?

  • Season 1. Episode 2

    Start-up Cycle: Risk

    Shari Hughson, director of the Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation program, knows a thing or two about risk-taking. We also hear from Smith entrepreneurship coach and mentor JP Shearer on the risks every entrepreneur needs to be aware of when starting a business.

  • Season 1. Episode 1

    Start-up Cycle: Discovery

    Are entrepreneurs born or are they made? And what matters more when you are starting a business - passion or perseverance? This first episode of The Start-up Cycle explores these questions and more.