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Smith-ESSEC Double Degree

Students in the Smith Bachelor of Commerce and ESSEC Global BBA programs will have the opportunity to take part in this new learning experience that will see them split their studies between Smith’s campus in Kingston, Canada, and ESSEC’s campus in Cergy, France. Participants will earn a degree from both business schools.

About Smith-ESSEC Double Degree

Each year, a select group of students from each school will complete the first two years of their four-year undergraduate degree at their home school, followed by their final two years of study at the affiliate school. The first exchange of students will take place during the 2025-2026 school year.

An immersive cultural experience, access to expanded career resources and networks, and a global business curriculum are just some of the benefits that will help students learn to adapt to the rapidly changing global business landscape. All classes will be taught in English.


Smith and ESSEC business students entering their second year of their undergraduate program will be eligible to apply through their home university. Admission to this double degree program is based on academic requirements defined by the Smith Commerce and ESSEC Global BBA programs. Smith Commerce students who satisfy the academic requirements must also successfully complete an interview.

Students apply for the double degree program in the summer leading into their second year in Commerce. Assessments of applications will begin in fall term of second year. Interviews will be conducted in person or virtually and will form part of the final decision. Applicants will be notified of an intent to interview via email with advance notice.

For more information, please contact (for Smith Commerce Students) or contact (for ESSEC Global BBA Students).