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An Extraordinary Experience

Life Outside Class

Queen’s University provides a dynamic environment for your undergraduate years. Choose from many events, sports, performances, athletics, and clubs on campus.

Most first-year students live on campus, where independence, self-reliance, and lifelong friendships are made.

Alumni Connections

Smith alumni are passionate about supporting Commerce students. Many participate in school events, judge competitions, fund scholarships and research, and make themselves available for advice, mentoring, and career networking.

When you graduate, you join the impressive ranks of the Smith alumni and the 150,000+ Queen’s graduates in more than 150 countries.

Queen's University campus

Corporate Networks

Smith has partnerships with an impressive set of corporate partners. They provide live business cases, participate in events and competitions, and recruit Commerce students.

Commerce Society (ComSoc)

As part of the Commerce Society (ComSoc), the largest undergraduate business society in Canada, you can apply for more than 750 student-held leadership roles. ComSoc organizes social and networking events, conferences, and competitions, including Canada’s largest and longest running business case competition.

Below are a sample of ComSoc committees and conferences.

  • CREO Solutions
  • Oil Thigh Designs (OTD)
  • QClean
  • Queen's Private Capital Group (QPCG)
Industry Associations
  • Queen’s Business Review (QBR)
  • Queen’s Accounting Association (QAA)
  • Queen’s Consulting Association (QCA)
  • Queen’s Global Markets (QGM)
  • Queen’s Commerce Trading Committee (QCTC)
  • Queen’s Real Estate Association (QREA)
  • Queen’s Commerce Law Association (QCLA)
  • Queen's Human Resources Association (QHRA)
  • Queen's Sales Industry Association (QSIA)
Professional Development Commission
  • Queen’s Technology & Media Association (QTMA)
  • Queen’s Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (QSTAT)
  • High School Liaison (HSL)
  • Queen’s University Business Engagement (QUBE)
  • Out at Smith
  • Queen's Global China Connection (QGCC)
Student Life Commission
  • Queen’s Commerce Performing Artists (QCPA)
  • Board Meeting (BM)
  • BrainTrust
  • Queen’s Commerce Athletics Committee (QCAC)
  • Exchange & Transfer Committee (ETC)
Community Activities
  • Cure Cancer Classic (CCC)
  • Queen's Commerce Service Initiative (QCSI)
  • Queen's Commerce Kids (QCK)
  • Queen's Non-Profit Gateway (QNP)
  • Queen's Social Investment Initiative (QS2I)
External: Conferences & Competitions
  • Commerce & Engineering Environmental Conference (QEEC)
  • Queen’s Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (QACE)
  • Queen’s Conference on the Business Environment Today (QBET)
  • Queen’s Conference on the Entertainment Industry (QCEI)
  • Queen’s Conference on International Business (QCIB)
  • Queen’s Commerce Leadership Summit (QCLS)
  • Queen’s Finance Association Conference (QFAC)
  • Queen’s Leadership, Excellence & Development Conference (QLEAD)
  • Queen’s Marketing Association Conference (QMA)
  • Queen’s Sports Industry Conference (QSIC)
  • Queen’s Women in Leadership Conference (QWIL)
  • Queen’s Self-Evaluative Learning Forum (QSELF)
  • Queen’s Conference on Business and Mining (QCBM)
External Competitions
  • Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC)
  • DECA Queen's
  • Queen's Commerce Corporate Challenge (Q3C)
  • Queen's Entrepreneurs' Competition (QEC)
Executive Purview
  • Queen's Case Competition Union (QCCU)
  • Commerce Executive on Orientation (CEO)
  • Queen's Film Liaison & Industry Committee (QFLIC)
  • ComSoc Design Team
  • ComSoc Public Relations Team