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Optional Programs

Dual Degree

Dual Degree or Second Degree with Faculty of Arts and Science

Commerce students have the option to complete an undergraduate degree concurrently with their Bachelor of Commerce degree, or a second degree consecutively after completion of their Bachelor of Commerce degree in a variety of subject areas in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Admission into the Arts or Science Dual (concurrent) or Second (consecutive) Degree Program is limited to those students who qualify, and where there is capacity in the program. Earning a dual or second degree requires additional course work over and above the 126.0 units that are required for the Commerce degree.

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Certificate in Social Impact

Lead the way to a better world with a Certificate in Social Impact. This optional academic program will connect you to the knowledge and networks that will place you at the intersection of business and social impact. While the Bachelor of Commerce Program offers many courses that focus on a variety of social impact topics, the Certificate program offers students an experience-based, integrative exposure to the world of social impact.

The Certificate in Social Impact also allows you to focus your learning by specializing in one of four topic areas: sustainability, social finance, social innovation and social entrepreneurship, and values-based leadership.

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Smith-ESSEC Double Degree

Select students in the Smith Commerce and ESSEC Global BBA programs will have the opportunity to take part in this new learning experience that will see them split their studies between Smith’s campus in Kingston, Canada, and ESSEC’s campus in Cergy, France. Participants will earn a degree from both business schools.

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Smith-Peking Double Degree

Commerce students can now apply for a double degree program at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management.

Students will spend Years One and Two at Smith in Kingston and Years Three and Four in Beijing, China.

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BCom / JD (Faculty of Law)

This six-year combined program capitalizes on the strength of the Smith Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree and the rich business law program offered by Queen’s Law.

The BCom/JD degree reduces completion time and tuition by one year for undergraduate students admitted to the Bachelor of Commerce degree program at Queen’s. Students entering the third-year of the BCom program are eligible to apply through an internal application process at Queen’s.

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