Marketing with Analytics and AI

mass media

Low-budget media channels have a surprising way of boosting the effectiveness of big-ticket TV placements

Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre mines a bonanza of visitor information for retail gold
When overhauling their loyalty programs, firms can find a way to leave no customer behind and still make money
bay street

We need to equip Canada’s financial sector to steer us through a global economic transition on our own terms

lab work

When the economy goes sour, firms tend to pull back on their research and development. Here’s why they should fight their instincts and forge ahead

WestJet airplane
An acquisition of Porter or a sell-off to a U.S. carrier may be in the wings
connected nodes
They look like programming tools but they act as a powerful bridge to digital platforms and unimagined opportunities
jet pack
“Your entire life as an entrepreneur is figuring out little games every day… and there are always tricks”
virtual reality screen
When there’s a faint signal and loud noise, don’t get too far ahead of your business
software programmer
Here’s a mindful approach for IT leaders who want to capture the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence
walking on train tracks
We are in the middle of a winner-take-all industrial revolution powered in part by artificial intelligence. Many of our leading companies and employers are blowing it
How commercialized strategies draw students to the Big Four ahead of the auditing profession itself
woman at work thinking
Good decisions usually require both hard facts and a well-grounded hunch. Here’s how to identify and leverage your intuition style
store closing sign
AI-powered algorithms can scan loan applications for words that are red flags
grocery aisle
When positioning their own store brands, retailers benefit from knowing what consumers look for. When does it make sense for them to share these insights with national brands?

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