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Student Success Stories

Yiyang (Stephen) Li, MFin
Senior Consultant, Business Analytics
CIBC Private Wealth Management
Toronto, ON

“The MFin Beijing program has equipped me with the knowledge that opens doors in the world of finance. The international vision the program provides is irreplaceable and valued both in Canada and overseas.”

Chun Him Cheung, MFin
FX and Rates Research – North Asia
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Hong Kong, China

“The MFin program provided me a valuable platform to take advantage of opportunities in an expanding market which operates with a different cultural mindset. Through this program I was able to gain an understanding of finance in Asia and gain insights from academics from two top-tier universities in Canada and China. I would recommend this program to anyone who wishes to break into China's fast-growing financial market and serve as a bridge between East and West.”

Rong (Candice) Chen, MFin
Investment Analyst
Zhong Capital
Beijing, China

“I gained very practical financial knowledge and skills through this program and it has expanded my knowledge of the financial sectors in both Canada and China. Professors come from diverse backgrounds and have given us career advice apart from teaching which has helped shape my career goals. The program experience gave me hands-on learning opportunities of various finance roles, which will reassure employers that I am a qualified candidate. Overall, this program's strong industry-focus supported by the abundance of advanced financial knowledge has helped me build a solid foundation for a career in finance.”

Sasha Ghafir, MFin
Senior Portfolio Analyst
Real Property Branch
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Vancouver, BC

“Studying abroad allowed me to fully immerse myself in a different culture and experience the world from a completely new perspective. At the same time Smith's Master of Finance program taught me the skills and knowledge necessary to compete in the global financial markets. While enrolled in the program I took on a non-profit volunteer role as Chief Financial Officer for the newly formed Canada-China Youth Association (CCYA). We focused on Canada-China relations and organized events for locals, foreigners and expats in the Beijing community.”

Ryan Danyluik, MFin
Senior Data Analyst
Edmonton, AB

“It was a great chance to improve my skills and expand my opportunities. Queen’s has an excellent reputation and the program opened up many new doors. I had a unique life experience while also expanding my finance background.”

Christine Wang, MFin
Financial Analyst
China Hua Neng Group Hong Kong Ltd
Beijing, China

“This program enhanced my finance skills from a practical point of view and I’ve been able to implement what I learnt while working in the social impact space. Many of the faculty have professional experience and the curriculum was designed using real-life case studies. There’s a very integrated, close-knit quality to the social dynamic here. The alumni and school resources provided me access to top-caliber executives and events organized by both foreign and local societies.”

Shannon Gong, MFin
Associate, ESG
Victoria, BC

“The MFin program served as a platform for me to make a smooth transition from my legal background into the financial industry. Some courses, such as equity analysis, instilled in me a deep interest in equities and is the reason I am working in the related area today. In addition, the program gave me the opportunity to take on multiple leadership roles where I could not only apply my financial knowledge but also enhance my interpersonal skills. I was the Class President and also the founder of the Beijing team of Queen's University Alternative Assets Fund. Both roles helped me in my career development because it has enabled me to show employers my ability to exceed beyond expectations. During the program, I actively networked within Beijing and also worked at the Embassy of Canada as a finance and economics intern which gave me significant exposure to the Chinese economy and markets. Overall, I was impressed with the passionate teaching of the Faculty members who always pushed us beyond our limits and prepared us to tackle the challenges present in the industry today.”

中国保险信息技术管理有限公司 - 高级战略经理

“人大-女王金融硕士项目的课程设计涵盖金融投资、市场分析、科技创新等领域,知识理论、实务案例密切结合,筑牢理论基础的同时,全面培养思考模式,有效拓宽国际视野。除了顶级师资、实用课程以外,业界导师的言传身教、丰富多彩的校友活动使人产生家庭成员的代入感,通过Smith Connect校友网络,我可以与全世界的校友沟通交流想法和灵感。人大-女王金融硕士项目不仅赋予我较高的学术 素养,更带来人生无尽可能。”



品钛集团 -战略合作总监


河北省张家口银行股份有限公司邯郸分行营业部 - 总经理