All-Inclusive Program Fee

The Full-time MBA program fee includes program enrollment; all books, case materials and other instructional supplies; academic events like case competitions; and career related non-academic events, including executive coaching.

An initial deposit is required at the time of enrollment. The balance of the fee is paid in three installments during them program.

Due DateDomesticInternational
Deposit Upon Acceptance $6,000* $6,000*
First Instalment January 10, 2021 $21,666 $27,166
Second Instalment May 1, 2021 $27,667 $33,167
Third Instalment September 1, 2021 $27,667 $33,167
Total $83,000** $99,500**


**Additionally, all students are required to pay Student Activity Fees of approximately $1500.00. These fees are assessed at the beginning of the program. International students will also be required to purchase the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) if they cannot provide evidence of equivalent coverage. Key information can be found at here. All Queen's University students are also assessed a Student Assistance Levy of $33.33 per term.

A person is classified as a Domestic Student if they have Canadian citizenship, landed immigrant status, permanent resident status or dual Canadian citizenship. For more information on what classifies a Domestic Student please find the exemptions category tab. Fees are subject to final approval from the Queen's Board of Trustees.

The True Cost of an MBA Program

Realize a faster return on your investment - unlike most full-time MBA programs, you can earn your MBA in only 12 months. This key Smith advantage greatly reduces your opportunity cost in lost wages and total expenses. Reduced costs and improved job prospects make Smith's Full-time MBA an excellent investment in yourself.

When evaluating the true cost of an MBA program it is important to consider all costs, including tuition, student fees, learning materials, living expenses and lost wages while in the program.

$18,000 - 20,000

Average estimated cost of living per year
(based on individual preferences)

Monthly Breakdown
$800 - $1200 Accommodation (in most cases will include utilities)
$300 - $400 Food
$100 - $200 Phone + Internet
$50 - $100 Entertainment
$100 - $200 Misc. (clothing, laundry)

Your standard of living is another factor that will determine your total expenses. For example, it will be less expenses to secure shared accommodation, as opposed to single.


Those accepted into the Full-time MBA Program can now apply for OSAP. As stated on the OSAP website, OSAP is a needs-based program and provides eligible Ontario students with financial assistance to help pay for their tuition, books, mandatory fees, living costs and transportation. Please visit OSAP to determine your eligibility and to apply for an OSAP loan.


Smith School of Business has partnered with RBC to offer a student line of credit tailored to your needs. We recommend you reach out to one of the contacts below, as they are familiar with our program and your financing needs.

Alternatively, please contact the RBC Advice Centre at 1-800-769-2511 or visit your local RBC branch to speak to an advisor.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada only. Acceptance to the program does not guarantee or imply qualification for financing.

RBC Contacts
April Laforce

Vivien Threlfall

Suzanne Doherty

For international students only.

Prodigy Finance

Prodigy is no longer accepting loan applications for students beginning programs between October 2020 to June 2021. They may restart lending in July 2021. We will update this page as information changes.

Other Options

You may also choose to obtain student loans that have been secured through your home country. You should contact the appropriate student loan processing agency in your country for further information.

You may also investigate third-party agencies such as:

  • Sallie Mae
  • Global Student Loans
  • US Federal Direct Students Loans
  • PLUS

Note: Acceptance to a program does not guarantee or imply qualification for financing.

Participants who pay all or part of the program fees personally are eligible to claim a tuition tax credit on the tuition portion of the fees. For more information, ask a professional income tax advisor to give you an assessment of the impact of your tuition on your personal tax situation.

You and/or your spouse may be eligible to make tax-free withdrawals from your RRSP's to help fund your education. This program is considered full-time and is eligible for withdrawals under the LLP. Please contact your income tax advisor for details.


General entrance scholarships are awarded to applicants who the MBA Scholarship Committee deem to have the strongest overall profiles. Each year Smith awards over 50% of students with merit-based scholarships ranging from $10,000 to the entire cost of the program.

Please note that a separate application for scholarships is not required. All qualified candidates who submit a completed admissions application will be automatically considered for an entrance scholarship.

In addition to our general scholarships, we also have the privilege of offering named scholarships, made possible by supporters of the Full-time MBA program. Below is a list of some of our named scholarships, awarded by the Admissions Committee each year.

Women in Leadership
Academic Excellence

International students from specific countries may also consider the following opportunities:

If you do not qualify for a merit-based scholarship we encourage you to visit the many financial assistance websites available to students across Canada for more information about bursaries, grants, fellowships and other Government loan programs.

There are a variety of Canadian Government loan programs available to financially assist graduate students in their studies. Please click on each to find out more:

The Access to Success Fellowship is available to Smith Full-time MBA students who identify as having a permanent, visible, or invisible disability. The fellowship includes: a $5,000 scholarship; exclusive recruitment and networking opportunities with Access to Success corporate partners; mentorship by senior executives; and participation in networking events and the annual Access to Success conference. Up to three fellowships will be awarded per MBA class.

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