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Scholar’s Applied Research Projects

Because analytics does not belong to one discipline, we are moving beyond the traditional sectors and reaching out to researchers, graduate students and practitioners whose interests cross disciplines. We have assembled a team of researchers from Management Sciences, Operations Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Finance, Business Economics and Computing Science. These diverse backgrounds will provide a variety of perspectives in our analytics research. This diversity will add to the creativity of our research and our results.

Sparkling water

Data Analysis Using Spark and Sparkling Water

By J. Zhang

This paper introduces Sparkling Water which is an integration of a general purposed big data framework called Spark, and a powerful machine learning library called

Colourful, blocky puzzle

Strategic Analytics

By Yuri Levin, Jeffrey Mcgill

With the recent growth in availability of data and inexpensive analytical tools, forward-thinking enterprises can mine the potential of these powerful methods for themselves. Here is what you need to know to get started.

Pixels of a shopping cart

Revenue Management, Then And Now

Interview by Alan Morantz

From the basement to the boardroom: The analytics revolution is returning us to the Marrakech markets of old.

Times Square at night

Research Brief: Do Multi-Media Advertising Campaigns Pay Off?

By Ceren Kolsarici, Demetrios Vakratsas

In the era of Big Data, marketing managers must move beyond analyzing aggregates of market data.

Name-Your-Own-Price Sales Channels: Revenge Of The Hive

By Alan Morantz

The Pricelines and Hotwires of the world are vulnerable to online consumers gaming the system by banding together. Fortunately for the companies, consumers are loners.

A close-up of pills

Weighing Big Pharma’s Consumer Pitch

By Anna Sharratt

Direct-to-consumer advertising gets a bad rap in Canada. But is it really such a negative force?

An old photo of a man standing in front of his newspaper stall

Out-Stocking Your Competitor

By Alan Morantz

When it comes to products with a short shelf life, replenishing your inventory by instinct alone makes you easy pickings. Time to build your analytics toolkit.

Billboard movie poster

Dynamic Story: Torquing The Hollywood Promo Machine

By Alan Morantz

When a new movie or book is rolled out in different formats over time, how do firms get the biggest bang from their advertising and viral campaigns?

50% off sign

Markdowns: Decoding The Nuances Of Consumer Behaviour

By Alan Morantz

A new model that accounts for how consumers view wait-or-buy decisions shows retailers how to harvest higher revenue from deeper discounts.