Scotiabank Centre for Customer Analytics

The Scotiabank Centre for Customer Analytics at Smith School of Business was initially founded in February, 2016 and named in recognition of a generous contribution of $2.2 million from Scotiabank. In 2019, Scotiabank pledged an additional $2 million in support for the Centre that will see its research continue through to 2025.

Our Goals

  • To bring together professors, graduate students and analytics practitioners to collaborate on applied research projects in customer analytics
  • To build a community of data intensive users encouraging innovation across industries, in order to deliver a re-imagined customer experience
Student in Exchange Program
Student in Exchange Program
Student in Exchange Program

What We Do

Multi-Disciplinary Research Teams

Because analytics does not belong to one discipline, we are moving beyond the traditional sectors and reaching out to researchers, graduate students and practitioners whose interests cross disciplines. We have assembled a team of researchers from Management Sciences, Operations Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Finance, Business Economics and Computing Science. These diverse backgrounds will provide a variety of perspectives in our analytics research. This diversity will add to the creativity of our research and our results.


The Centre’s ongoing research and knowledge creation will enhance the curriculum of the academic and executive education programs offered by the Smith School of Business, with a particular emphasis on the Master of Management Analytics program.

Creating and Transferring Knowledge

As the flow of data continues to increase in both volume and variety, using this data to make successful decisions will be a priority. Understanding customers is a significant part of this new business culture. The Centre is committed to the creation and dissemination of knowledge. Our research will be an integral factor as organizations develop a new culture of decision-making.