Analytics Workshops

Community Seminars

Each quarter the Centre organizes a forum to discuss impactful topics in the analytics, machine learning or AI environment. Our speakers come from a wide network of academics and industry professionals and we always save time for discussion and Q&A. These talks take place in downtown Toronto and are hosted by Scotiabank. If you would like to suggest a topic or a speaker, please email the Centre.

Analytics Challenge

Queen’s International Innovation Challenge

Every year, the Centre will host the Innovation in Analytics Challenge. For the challenge teams of practitioners and/or students will solve real business problems faced by our event sponsors. Teams will have a number of tools and data at their exposure and the goal will be to provide our sponsors with actionable solutions, resulting from the work of teams. Learn more

Leading Cultural Change

Leading Cultural Change to Become a Data-Driven Organization

Commencing May 10, 2017, a major international conference will be held every second year. This conference will be an opportunity for companies, governments and not-for-profit organizations to interact with academics and discuss the evolving world of analytics and its application in today’s fast paced world.