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Application Process

Smith School of Business has a rolling admission policy, where applications are reviewed as they are received. Students are encouraged to apply early, as classes fill quickly. We are currently accepting applications for the class beginning in June 2024.

Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate degree from an accredited university.
  • Relevant Work Experience: At least 2 years; however, exceptional applicants with less experience may be considered. An exceptional applicant will have grades of mainly A- or higher in the last two years of their graduate study, and experiences in finance related internships or co-ops.
  • Successful completion of CFA Level 1 or GMAT: We are looking for well-rounded students who bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to the classroom. In some cases, we may consider an exemption from this requirement.
  • Demonstrated English language proficiency for those whose first language is not English and whose undergraduate university studies were taken in a language other than English. The test of English facility is a firm requirement that cannot be waived.
English Language Proficiency

Applicants whose native language is not English and whose undergraduate university studies were taken in a language other than English must achieve a satisfactory score on one of the accepted tests. The test of facility in English is a firm requirement and admission decisions cannot be made until an acceptable score has been reported.

Test results must be in the form of an official report sent directly by the testing centre to the Admissions Committee. Examinee’s score records, faxes or photocopies are not acceptable.

Each applicant is responsible for making arrangements to take any of these tests and for all costs that are incurred with the writing of any of the tests.

Recognized test of facility in English:


Step One

Preliminary Assessment

Application Advisors will work with you through every step of the application process. Begin your preliminary assessment by completing the online application form and attaching a scanned copy of resume and your transcripts (if available).

An Application Advisor will review and contact you (normally within 2-3 business days) and suggest helpful ways to strengthen your file. To speak with an Application Advisor, call toll-free 1.855.253.9697.

Step Two

Complete your Application file

Your Application Advisor will ensure your completed file includes:

  1. A copy of your resume
  2. An official transcript from each post-secondary institution attended, sent by the Registrar of the institution directly to the Smith Master of Finance admissions committee
  3. Proof of successful completion of the CFA Level 1 or GMAT.
  4. This requirement does not need to be completed prior to starting an application. The Program Code for the GMAT is: Q21-QZ-57
  5. Two references. Referees will be provided a link by your Application Advisor
  6. A cover letter outlining current responsibilities and assignments, career accomplishments, reasons for applying to the Master of Finance and your professional and personal goals.
  7. If your first language is not English and you have not lived in Canada for a minimum of three years, or if you did not do your undergraduate program in English, you will be required to successfully complete an English facility test.
  8. A 30 minute interview with a member of the program team, which your application advisor will work with you to book.

WES Assessment

All applicants whose undergraduate education was taken outside of North America will be asked to submit a WES (World Education Service) comprehensive course-by-course evaluation to ensure that their credentials are equivalent to a four year bachelor’s degree in Canada. In addition to this, this evaluation will assist the admissions team in accurately assessing performance in specific subjects to ensure that the applicant has the quantitative ability necessary to be successful in the program. This evaluation will also be used to assess your candidacy for scholarship consideration. Please note that we will accept copies of the assessment; however, will also require original degree documentation sent directly from the University that the degree was conferred.

Ready to Apply?

There is no application fee. We have a "rolling admission" policy and applications are considered as they are received – we encourage you to apply early as space is limited.

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Please note: Admission to this program is highly competitive. Simply meeting the admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.