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SmithEdge is a set of personal capabilities that prepare you to thrive in today’s business environment of fast-paced change, disruption and complexity.

What you know is important, but how you navigate the world, problem solve, and engage with others has become vital. These interpersonal skills are required for leadership roles and are highly sought by employers.

3 Dimensions of Ability

In addition to delivering world-class business knowledge and insight, Smith School of Business is a market leader in developing its students’ personal capabilities. Together these capabilities constitute the SmithEdge — a set of skills that will support you for years to come as you advance your career.

Insights on human dynamics

At Smith we help you to recognize patterns of behaviour, become attuned to cultural differences, understand why teams succeed and fail, and see how different leadership styles impact others. Through coaching, team experiential workshops, and projects you develop this knowledge, build these skills, and gain invaluable experience.

Self-awareness and resilience

Assessments, feedback and coaching help you get to know yourself better and recognize your behavioral patterns and tendencies as a team member and leader. You will learn how to better tap into your greatest personal strengths, anticipate your response patterns, and build resilience to see you through times of stress.

Experience and exploration

In Smith’s programs you work on projects designed to expand your experience and challenge your assumptions. You’ll trial and test, and push boundaries. You’ll grow your abilities and prepare for the challenges of business today and tomorrow.