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The Smith Executive MBA curriculum has been designed as a highly integrated series of courses and experiences that provide a solid grounding in management fundamentals and a thorough understanding of how management decisions can have an impact across an organization.

A Flexible Blend Of Teaching Styles

Unlike other schools that are committed to a single teaching style, Smith's Executive MBA uses a blend of class instruction, case studies, simulations and real-world projects to create the optimal learning approach.

Global Perspective

The program has a strong global perspective. The core curriculum, Global Business Project, and International Study trip provide exceptional and unique opportunities to strengthen your ability to manage effectively in a global economy.


The Smith Executive MBA is designed to go well beyond the teaching of leadership skills. Throughout the program, you will gain valuable insights into your personal leadership style and ways to improve your effectiveness as a leader. Team-based projects provide exceptional opportunities to put this learning into action.

Core Curriculum

Integration and Execution

Individual Project

International Elective

An elective course will be taken abroad at a Smith International partner school and will vary depending on choice of international study. Teams will then complete travel for the purpose of meeting with their client and completing the Global Business Project. Approximate time away is two weeks – one week at the international school location, and a second week completing work for the project.

City shot of Hong Kong lit up at night

Major Projects

Participants in the program are required to complete two major projects: the team-based global Business Project and one of two individual projects – either the New Venture Project or the Management Consulting Project. A Project advisor will be assigned for both major projects.

Global Business Project

Your team will complete a comprehensive analysis of a real global business issue or opportunity anywhere in the world outside of North America. To complete this “live case”, your team will travel to an international location to interview business managers and conduct field research prior to writing your final report. This provides an outstanding opportunity to put all that you have learned into practice.

New Venture Project

The objective of this individual project is to create a business case and comprehensive business plan for a new stand-alone business, or a new line of business within an existing organization. The New Venture Project will give you an opportunity to use the management concepts and tools you have acquired in the program to create a business plan for a new venture. You will identify market opportunities, investigate business potential, consider financing options, and create a business plan.


Management Consulting Project

The objective of this individual project is to analyze a business challenge and develop a comprehensive set of recommendations and implementation plans to address it. Participants are given a wide scope in the nature of the project. Typically projects focus on performance improvements in operating processes, supply chain management, customer service, information systems, profit margin improvement, or the business planning process.