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How You Learn

Smith's Executive MBA – The National Program is offered anywhere in Canada, creating a unique national perspective that is not available in other Executive MBA programs.

You Work as a Team. You Should Learn as One too.

Smith's Executive MBA uses a team-based learning approach to create a highly supportive and collaborative learning experience - both inside and outside the classroom.

Learning Teams are formed at the beginning of the program and remain together for the duration. Each team is comprised of 6 to 8 members, with an emphasis on diversity of background.

Additionally, participants have access to ExecMBA Online; a customized portal and electronic network used to communicate with professors and your classmates outside of class. The network allows you to use your time more effectively, enabling you to download course notes, e-mail, chat or upload assignments from anywhere at any time.

A team approach to learning

Real-Time Connectivity from your Home City

Smith's Executive MBA can be taken in one of two formats, depending on your geographic location. In many major Canadian markets, participants attend classes in a boardroom learning facility. In all other locations, or if required due to work-related travel, participants are placed on a virtual team, attending class from their home or office.

Boardroom Learning Centres

Availability: Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Calgary and Vancouver.

If you live in one of the cities listed above, the balance of your class time is spent in your Boardroom Learning Centre conveniently located in your home city. These classes are held all day Friday and Saturday morning, every other week, and are delivered via real-time, interactive videoconference technology. Multi-point videoconference is used to link learning teams across Canada.

Professors lead the class from purpose-built studios on the Queen’s campus. Participants are able to communicate directly with the professor and with the other teams. Our participants consistently tell us they prefer the Boardroom Learning approach to that of a traditional classroom.

Remote Teams

Availability: Anywhere in Canada outside of the markets where Smith School of Business operates Boardroom Learning Centres.

For participants living in locations other than the cities listed under option one, the balance of your class time is spent in your virtual boardroom. All that is required is high-speed internet service, a good computer, and a quiet place for you to attend class. You will be part of a virtual team that draws its members from across Canada, with the same level of real-time connectivity and interactivity as the participants attending class in the Boardroom Learning Centres. Smith provides all the software, tools and team coaching you will need to create a high-performance virtual team.

World-Class Remote Learning

Smith School of Business was a pioneer in using videoconference technology as a means of creating a live, interactive learning experience in major cities across Canada. The School has continued to improve and lead in this technology and the teaching techniques to the point where many of our students find the seamless experience to be superior to a traditional classroom. Professors teach from state-of–the-art broadcast studios on campus at Smith School of Business.

Smith has expanded on the technology with Desktop Learning, enabling people living outside of these major cities to take the Executive MBA program from their home or office, with the same level of live, interactive connectivity.

On-Campus Sessions to Strengthen
Your Learning and Your Network

Two on-campus sessions and a third at a partner school (for the elective course) allow you to solidify relationships with your fellow participants and professors:

  • Opening Session in August
  • Creativity & Innovation Session in February
  • Strategic Electives Session in November

These sessions are held at the Donald Gordon Conference Centre, a conference facility on the Queen's University campus. In addition to being a world-class learning facility, the Centre is known for its comfortable, private guest rooms, outstanding food and exceptional customer service.