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What makes a good entrepreneur/​intrapreneur?

The similarities and differences between these two types of innovators, and how to spot them within your organization

The main difference between an entrepreneur and intrapreneur lies in their risk tolerance, explains Shari Hughson, program director of the Master of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Smith School of Business. Here, Shari discusses the personality traits of these innovators. 


0:13 The personality of a good entrepreneur is often made up of opposite traits. They’re optimistic realists, they’re calculated risk takers, and they’re idea people who are able to execute. 

0:48 The number one trait that an entrepreneur personality has is an internal locus of control. They can see the world as solvable challenges and believe they can make a difference. 

1:15 Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are similar in personality and mindset, but intrapreneurs have the safety net of operating within an organization.

2:00 Areas of disengagement within an organization are often good places to look for your innovators.  

2:37 Leaders can set intrapreneurs up for success by challenging the opportunity and reward systems within their organization. Intrapreneurs crave opportunities that expose them to new perspectives.