Building Green Enterprises Through HRM

If sustainable low-carbon behaviours are to be embedded in the workplace, organizational culture has to change. Here’s how HR processes can make that happen
Building Green Enterprises Through HRM

For sustainable low-carbon behaviours at individual, team, and material levels to go beyond quaint rhetorical notions of "going green", managers collectively have to develop a “sustainability-oriented organizational culture.” The established use of HR processes in health and safety, minimum waste production, and cultural management makes human resource management well-positioned to coordinate the goal of a green sustainable organization.

This discussion paper reviews the latest research into green HR practices, specifically: recruitment and selection; performance management and appraisal; reward management; training and workplace learning; and employee involvement and participation.

The paper is adapted from The Psychology of Green Organizations, edited by Jennifer L. Robertson and Julian Barling (Oxford University Press, 2015). The book can be purchased here.

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