How to Deliver on Your Company’s 2022 Strategy

The key lies in process, not people
60 minutes
Thursday Oct 21, 2021 1:00 PM EDT
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Customers have experienced a decline in service in recent years. Depending on the survey, 80 per cent of organizations say they provide ‘superior’ service, yet only eight per cent of their customers believe they receive ‘superior’ service. So, what gives?

Companies struggling to deliver on their service promise can trace the cause to either process or people. Let’s assume you have good people. Too often, however, processes are designed for the company rather than customers or clients. Emerging from the pandemic, many organizations have renewed or modified their strategies, as markets shift and customers adopt different behaviours.  It is time to renew our focus on core organizational processes.

This 60-minute presentation led by Barry Cross, Distinguished Faculty Fellow of Operations Strategy, explores the importance of process analysis and optimization skills.

Participants learn the keys to developing a Process Improvement Strategy, including:

  • Identifying key customer and client segments: who are they, and what do they want or need from us?
  • Appointing a sponsor (someone to own the process)
  • Assigning or participating on a cross-functional team
  • Mapping the process: identifying pain points, bottlenecks and constraints

This webinar is of special interest to those working in leadership, execution and operations. The content covered is applicable to both external and internal customers and clients. Following the presentation, there is a Q&A with our speaker. 

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