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How to Communicate Effectively at Work

Build your professional communication skills

In business, communication is key. We all know an effective presentation when we see and hear one. 

Unfortunately, many of us struggle to confidently present our ideas, insights and recommendations with audiences­—both inside and outside our organizations. But fear not, there are concrete ways to build your communication skillset and thrive in the ever-changing business world.

Led by professional communications expert Matt Reesor, participants discover the essential ingredients of effective professional communications and presentations, both in-person and online, in this 60-minute webinar.

Topics explored include:

  • The key principles of influence and persuasion that resonate with any audience
  • The importance of language precision and audience analysis
  • The impact of voice and body language on how your messages are received
  • How to establish trust and credibility with new and known audiences

Following the presentation, there is a Q&A with our speaker.

Remember, your best idea is only as good as your ability to share it with others. This webinar is of interest to professionals who have responsibility for delivering clear verbal communications and impactful presentations.


Session Leader

Matthew Reesor

Director (Full-time MBA) & Adjunct Lecturer
Matthew Reesor is an expert on professional communications and the director of the full-time MBA program at Smith. He helps emerging and established leaders present with impact as an instructor on Smith graduate programs and Queen’s Executive Education.