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Organizations in all industries require leaders with the business, technological, and leadership skills needed to manage digitalization opportunities from ideation to implementation to optimization. Leaders who understand how to use tools and apply management practices to solve critical organizational problems and drive systems-level change. Leaders who can ensure investments in technology reach their vast potential.

The MDPM curriculum integrates two learning streams to ensure the program stays on the cutting edge of academic thought leadership and students ‘learn by doing’ to translate knowledge into work-ready skills.

The Smith Master of Digital Product Management is designed to create these types of leaders:

  • VP Digital Product and User Experience
  • Director, Digital Product Management
  • Director, Digital Transformation
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Senior Digital Product Owner
  • Principal Digital Product Lead
  • Digital Product Manager
  • Digital Product Strategist
  • Digital Product Analyst
  • Digital Transformation Analyst
  • Consulting, Tech Strategy & Transformation

Meet the Experts

Learn from an outstanding faculty team comprised of experts from both Smith School of Business and Queen’s School of Computing. This award-winning group brings research insight, thought leadership and industry expertise to your classroom.

Wide range of learning pathways

The program is built for people from diverse educational and work backgrounds who want to drive meaningful digital change. Different learning pathways are customized based on individual educational background, coding interest and experience to ensure students explore a wide range of essential strategies and tactics to enhance career opportunities.

Call for Project Partners

The Digital Product Capstone Project is an opportunity for organizations to access top talent to lead through digital transformation efforts. Student teams will work to design, build, and optimize a digital product prototype (or full simple solution) designed to be seamlessly implemented by your organization.

“How we infuse technology and data into organizations has changed. With so many tools available, it can be a struggle to find the right solution that meets organizational needs. We need a new way of managing the design, development, and implementation of technology-based business capabilities.

The Smith Master of Digital Product Management teaches students modern management practices that improve the connective tissue between the technology organization and other functions of the business. The result is a collective digital expertise to build meaningful technology and data-driven solutions that change the way the business interacts with customers, employees, and partners.”

Dr. Kathryn Brohman
Associate Professor and Distinguished Faculty Fellow of Digital Technology
Program Director, MDPM
Smith School of Business