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First Degree of Its Kind in Canada

Gain Expertise
to Lead Digital

12-month program
  •  Virtual learning while you work

Partnership with Queen’s School of Computing

Master of Digital Product Management

Today, every business must be a digital business. Products and services, operations, and innovation are being transformed by digital capabilities. Digital transformation engages business processes and technological implementation. Skilled leaders are needed to ensure success.

This cross-disciplinary degree is built for these changemakers. It provides the skills and knowledge to effectively manage digitalization initiatives – whether in work productivity, automation, micro-learning, or personalized customer experiences, and more. The program covers all stages of the digital product management lifecycle. Students learn how to apply human-centered approaches, use low-code tools to build solutions, and apply modern management practices to lead change and drive real business results.

This innovative 12-month program—offered for the first time in September 2022—leverages the renowned expertise of Smith School of Business and Queen’s School of Computing for a uniquely comprehensive educational experience. Developed in consultation with digital transformation leaders in academia, business, government, and the technology sector, it is the first program of its kind in Canada.

The program will provide:

  • A cross-disciplinary curriculum that synthesizes best practices from business and technology, equipping you with a comprehensive understanding to effectively manage the lifecycle of digital products and services;
  • Two consecutive learning streams, comprising academic thought leadership and experiential application;
  • An eleven-month practicum in which student teams discover, design and build, and implement a digital solution for a real client, supported by faculty and a dedicated industry advisor;
  • A low-code development approach, allowing you to apply specialized knowledge without extensive technological training;
  • Instruction by internationally renowned faculty from Smith School of Business and Queen’s School of Computing, who offer a rich range of academic and industry expertise;
  • Virtual learning sessions delivered on evenings and weekends, allowing you to study while you work;
  • Personal development workshops and career advancement days;
  • SmithEdge, a set of personal capabilities that prepare you to thrive in today’s business environment; and
  • Access to job opportunities through Smith’s Career Advancement Centre.

The Digital Product Management Mindset

Listen to Kathryn Brohman (Program Director, Smith School of Business) and Nick Graham (Academic Co-Director, Queen's School of Computing) as they explain the digital product mindset and the role of the digital product manager. They share the skills needed and how the MDPM program will teach you those skills and bridge the gap from education to industry.

Meet a Digital Product Manager

Hear directly from Jessica Creces McElhone, Vice President of Strategic Growth & Data at Cineplex Digital Media, what it's like to manage digital products. Jessica shares how wide-spread this need is in industry and how rewarding this career can be.

New Scholarships Available

Smith School of Business introduces scholarships for Black students and Indigenous students in all MBA, Professional Masters, and Graduate Diploma programs.

Key Features


Integrated Learning Streams

The program integrates academic thought leadership with practical application in a unique and powerful way to develop work-ready skills in product management and digital transformation.

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Expert Leadership

Courses are led by award-winning faculty from both Smith School of Business and Queen’s School of Computing, bringing robust research prowess, thought leadership and industry expertise to your classroom.

Meet the faculty  

Experiential learning

An eleven-month industry practicum will match you with a team of your fellow students to design, build, and optimize a digital product for a real client, supported by faculty and a dedicated industry advisor.


Flexible delivery

Following an introductory week in residence at Queen’s University’s campus in Kingston, Ontario, all courses will be offered via virtual learning, leveraging Smith’s well-established virtual learning platform. All classes are scheduled for evenings and weekends.

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No programming required

The program centres on the modern industry practice of low-code development, employing drag-and-drop tools and pre-built templates that allow you to focus on the essential strategies and tactics that transform the way people work and how the business drives results.


Career advancement

Throughout the program, you’ll benefit from special events, business networking, coaching and support, all intended to help you advance your career.

“The role of the product manager is, primarily, to guide a product to success. But it is also to define what success will be for the product, depending on the end game the organization is going for.

In our economy, it is so important to have people who understand the market, understand user behaviour, and understand the way to create value for business owners, for customers and, ultimately, for society as a whole.”

Tolu Arogunmati, MBA
Product Manager