16 Instructional Hours + 1 Coaching Hour

Developing Your Leadership Presence

Sell yourself and your ideas with poise, power and passion

About the program

As a leader, your ability to make things happen is contingent on how much your influence inspires and motivates those around you.

The best communicators understand that exhibiting a strong presence goes well beyond the words they choose to say. How and where a message is delivered are equally important.

This highly interactive experiential online program will stretch you to think differently. You'll first learn concepts using topics not found in a typical work context, encouraging creativity and experimentation. Then you'll apply new skills to address real workplace challenges, including how to establish an authentic and engaging virtual presence when communicating remotely.

Expert facilitators work in virtual groups and personalized one-on-one virtual coaching sessions to help you deepen your awareness of personal strengths and development areas, and address your real business communication challenges.

Enrollment for this program is limited to maintain low student-facilitator ratios.

The approach is built on a 4-part model for Leadership Presence Mastery:

  • Personal Presence: The ability to present yourself and your ideas with authenticity, authority and inspiration by integrating the four core areas of your own unique personal communication style: voice, body, mind and emotion.
  • Social Presence: The ability to build and maintain trust, social capital and influence with your teams and stakeholders by generating connection and engagement at every interaction.
  • Virtual Presence: The ability to leverage your full toolkit of personal video conference presence skills in order to heighten your online presence and effectively influence your audiences across the screen.
  • Transformational Presence: The ability to tap into and effectively articulate your most important personal and organizational values in order to craft a fulfilling and meaningful identity as a leader in a rapidly changing world.

Personalized Coaching Included

Each participant will receive 1-hour of one-on-one coaching with the instructor, for personalized feedback on your individual leadership presence, identifying existing strengths and recommendations for future development.

Who should attend:

This program is designed for senior managers and executives who rely heavily on relationships for success, and must motivate and connect with a diverse group of people through verbal communication.

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Personal Benefits

  • Inspire, motivate and lead more effectively
  • Build more positive relationships
  • Deliver succinct, clear and articulate messages
  • Get more buy-in from your team, colleagues, and clients
  • Learn how to use your authentic, unique personality to connect more strongly to those around you
  • Learn how to be persuasive and influential in a virtual environment

Organizational benefits

  • More effective and inspiring leaders
  • Improved motivation amongst employees
  • More authentic communicators in your leadership team

Built on a 4-part model for Leadership Presence Mastery

Module 1

Honing Personal Style for Projecting Confidence and Competence

  • Deepen your awareness and skills with practice and personal coaching in emotion, imagination, spontaneity, passion and energy to develop a powerful and authentic leadership presence brand and style.
  • Experience our best-in-class immersive, entertaining and interactive video conference social learning curriculum.
  • Identify and explore your own professional communication goals and aspirations that will form the blue-print of your learning journey

Module 2

Building Trust and Relationship through Self-Reflection, Listening and Empathy

  • Explore and identify your own personal and professional values in order to build a foundation for your leadership communication brand.
  • Learn and practice a toolkit of techniques for managing work-life balance, personal energy, "zoom fatigue" and authentic social engagement in the virtual world.
  • Using narrative intelligence (metaphor and story-telling) as an effective tool for sharing personal experiences, selling your ideas and building relationships

Module 3

Consultative Dialogue, Client and Customer Interaction and Team Leadership

  • Deepen your ability to listen deeply and dialogue with clients and customers, internal teams and external stakeholders in order to remotely facilitate engaged and collaborative creative processes.
  • Explore and integrate models and frameworks for virtual leadership that will allow you to excel in the emerging hybrid world of live and remote organizational communication.
  • Learn and refine your skills as a trusted advisor, people manager and coach.

Module 4

Application Clinic: Feedback and Coaching on Applying Presence and Communication Skills to Real Work-place Scenarios

  • Practice the skills of communicating in high-stakes, challenging internal and client situations that require careful problem-solving techniques and solutions grounded in emotional intelligence
  • Work closely with your learning team to apply skills, rehearse scenarios and receive individualized coaching and feedback on your style and effectiveness and a team leader in your own real-time situations.
  • Envision a future learning path for your growth and mastery of Leadership Presence as a set of skills that will support your evolution and success in your life and career.

Session Leaders

Session leaders include knowledgeable experts from industry. These outstanding teachers are constantly in touch with today's business world through real-world business experience, Board memberships and their own consulting practices.

CvB & Associates was founded by Christopher von Baeyer, who began his research and professional practice over 35 years ago as an undergraduate at Harvard University. He has since developed an international reputation as a thought leader and expert practitioner in the field of Leadership Presence. Currently based Toronto, he has designed and delivered arts-based programming in leadership and professional communication for hundreds of clients across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, including BASF, Dolby, Duke Corporate Education, Rogers Communication, Enbridge, Société Générale, Deloitte & Touche, Boston Consulting Group, the Canadian government and the Hearst Corporation. He has served as a consultant and contributing partner to the Queens/Smith Professional Development faculty for over 15 years.

Over the course of his career he has coached thousands of men and women in the art of leadership presence, emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, Shakespeare, and voice. As a founding principal at The Ariel Group, the industry-leading international corporate training skills firm from Boston, he served as VP of Client Solutions where he managed the company’s highest revenue-generating clients for over 10 years. He has taught at the Harvard Business School, Emerson College, Boston College, the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Chicago and the Columbia University Senior Executive Program in New York. He has served on the faculty and Advisory Board for Leadership Development at the Banff Centre in Alberta, as well as the board of the Centre for Playback Theatre in New York. In 2014 he returned from a two-year work sabbatical traveling and living between Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Bali Province, Indonesia and Berlin, Germany.

Chris is deeply committed to employing the arts as a creative tool for promoting dialogue on issues of social and civic concern. He recently completed an intensive training with Al Gore to become certified as a member of the Climate Reality Leaderships Corps. For 10 years he served as the Artistic Director for Toronto Playback Theatre, which he founded with the mission of providing improvisational and audience-interactive theatre for diverse communities the Toronto area. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the Dharma Centre of Canada, one of the oldest meditation centres in North America. He holds a BA in English and American literature from Harvard University and an M.A. in Theatre Arts and Vocal Communication from Lesley University Graduate School. He currently resides in Toronto and is the proud father of a university-aged son.

Cara Barrineau has an extensive background in communications, business, and the arts. She brings over 15 years of coaching experience, 11 years of virtual experience and 23 years of professional acting experience to her role as a trainer and coach. She is passionate about creating a supportive and challenging environment to help each participant build awareness and take risks.

Cara has worked extensively with a wide range of business segments, including technology, entertainment, government, and the financial industry. Select clients include Executive Education Programs of Harvard & Columbia, Federal Reserve Bank, CIA, American Express, Citibank, IBM, Oliver Wyman, Johnson & Johnson, Hearst, Proctor & Gamble, Disney, Time Warner.

Richard Richards is originally from the UK and currently lives in Spain. He has lived and worked outside the UK (Germany, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Nicaragua) for most of the last 45 years of which 23 were in the USA (Chicago and Boston). He carries both UK and US passports and his rich, overseas experiences have given him a deep appreciation for the world and its many peoples. While almost all his paid work is with people at the top of the world’s pyramid, his spirit gravitates to those at the foundation, or to those who actively include them. He coaches and facilitates in English and in Spanish.

Richard has worked in all four roles of the typical client/training provider relationship: client, consultant, designer, and facilitator. As a client, he spent almost 20 years working for Hyatt International, in Human Resources and Learning and Development. He subsequently had his own training and consulting practice. That experience, and his graduate work at DePaul University, led to him to work as Vice President of Learning Design for an experiential training company, before branching out again in his own consulting practice.

Along the way, he studied improvisation at Second City in Chicago, spent two years teaching at a leadership institute on the border of Honduras in Nicaragua, and has worked as a professional actor in the US on stage, in voice-over and in film. The latter was the inspiration for his MA in Applied Learning and still informs much of his approach in working experientially with clients.

As a coach and facilitator, he focuses on those aspects of leadership that can sometimes be overlooked in the tactical demands of meeting targets, solving problems, and delivering strategic outcomes in an ever more rapidly moving world. That is, an executive’s personal and leadership presence, essential to inspiring and motivating their colleagues, shareholders, employees and other key stakeholders.

He is equally at home working with clients and participants in-person or virtually. He brings the same passion, energy and integrity to virtual instructor-led trainings (or VILTs) as he does to an in-person classroom, creating valuable, co-created learning experiences.

He has facilitated and designed leadership and communication workshops for clients all over the world and across many industries. This has included financial services companies (Citi, American Express, The Acumen Fund, Wellington Management), pharmaceuticals (Abbott, Bayer, IDEXX), technology (Accenture, Cognizant, Nos, Stripe), universities (Duke, Harvard, Bath, IHEID, Darden) and consulting firms (Boston Consulting, Oliver Wyman), among others.

Katie Parks

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