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Interviewing at Smith

Regardless of the season, recruiting new hires can be demanding. The team at the Career Advancement Centre is committed to providing exceptional, high-touch service to firms who recruit with us; first round, on-campus interview scheduling support is an integral part of this. Our team of Client Experience Coordinators can help you through this busy season.

Requesting Support

Support for first round, on-campus interview scheduling is available on a first-come, first-served basis at no charge to the company. To request support with first round interview scheduling please review the details below and reach out to our Client Experience Coordinators.

Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviews are still encouraged, we just ask they be scheduled by you and your team, and for you to directly communicate with students, this has been found to be the most effective and efficient way to ensures successful virtual interviews.

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Submitting Your Short List

Short lists must be submitted to our Client Experience Coordinators by 8:00am, three business days prior to your scheduled interview date. To ensure an effective interview scheduling process, please accurately provide the details listed in the chart below. When the in-person schedule is complete we will return it to you with on-campus details.

Interview Scheduling Details

Start & End Time For in-person interviews, we recommend scheduling between 8:30am and 4:30pm on weekdays.
Length & Structure Please indicate how long you would like each interview to be scheduled for, as well as, any details pertaining to the structure of the interview i.e. single interview vs. multi-part rotating interview.
Breaks If you have a preference for the time, duration or number of breaks please include this information.
Type of Interview For example, behavioural vs case
Candidate Names Please provide the list of candidates names and identify any non-business candidates, including their email address (if applicable).
Alternates Although this is not necessary, should someone decline your interview and you have an alternative choice please let us know. Those candidates will only be contacted should one of your first choice candidates decline the interview.

Short List Due Dates

Interview Date Short List Due Date
Monday Wednesday by 8:00am
Tuesday Thursday by 8:00am
Wednesday Friday by 8:00am
Thursday Monday by 8:00am
Friday Tuesday by 8:00am