Embracing change for business success

Lessons from the pandemic on leading change within your organization
Thursday Oct 15, 2020 1:00 PM EDT
Chameleon changing colour of the tree branch.

Back when life was a bit slower and there were fewer shocks to the system in our business lives, change was a somewhat episodic occurrence. Every now and again, business models needed to be redone and culture needed to be tuned up.

Fast forward to 2020, and change is a constant. The ability to change and transform is now a vital part of organizational DNA. The COVID pandemic has ironically shown us that the task of mobilizing around change, and doing so quickly and successfully, is not impossible.

It’s time to stop talking about ‘managing change’ and start talking about ‘embracing change’. 

Join Smith Business Insight and Queen’s Executive Education for a refreshing look at how to embrace change and make it work within your organization. Featuring Elspeth Murray, CIBC Faculty Fellow in Entrepreneurship at Smith School of Business, and Alan Richardson, Vice-President of Learning and Performance at RBC.


Participants will learn: 

  • What COVID has taught us about change. 

  • How to think about embracing change versus managing it. (Yes there’s a difference!)

  • Practical tips to improve your odds of success in embracing change in these turbulent times.

  • How to translate the theory of change into practice, via a conversation with guest speaker Alan Richardson of RBC.

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