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Please ensure you have read and understand the Admission Requirements of Smith's Graduate Diploma in Accounting – particularly, applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree before the program starts.

It is understood that, at the time of application for this Graduate Diploma Program, applicants may be in the final semester of their degree programs.

Smith School of Business does not require official transcripts at the time of application as most transcripts will show course prerequisites as being in progress. Once you have been accepted into the program you will receive a conditional offer of admission and it will be subject to your providing official transcripts that show completed grades for prerequisite courses and proof that your undergraduate degree was awarded. All grades earned in the Graduate Diploma in Accounting will be withheld until official transcripts are provided to and reviewed by the Program Director.

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Personal Information

The name that is listed on your official, government-issued identification such as your birth certificate or passport.

The name that is listed on your official, government-issued identification such as your birth certificate or passport.

The name that is listed on your official, government-issued identification such as your birth certificate or passport.

This is the name you prefer to be used on your nametag and any unofficial correspondence.

Smith School of Business wants to ensure we have the most welcoming and inclusive community. To do so we need to have a good understanding of the diversity of our students. We would appreciate if you would answer the following questions. You may decline to answer some or all of these questions and your responses will have no impact on considerations for admission.

This information is required for reporting purposes (Accreditation Bodies, Rankings Information) and for determining eligibility for certain academic scholarships. All information is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed other than anonymously as numeric data for the purposes previously listed.

Mailing Address
Prerequisite Courses

In addition to completing your undergraduate degree you must have completed the following university level courses prior to enrolling. Please provide us with the information based on each of the prerequisites.

Financial Accounting 1
Financial Accounting 2
Financial Accounting 3
Business Combinations Accounting
Management Accounting 1
Management Accounting 2
Control Systems
Finance 1
Finance 2
Canadian Income Taxation
Information Systems
Business Law
Organizational Behaviour
Business Statistics
CPA Enabling Competencies

Please indicate how your previous academic experience has provided the following "enabling competencies" as set out by CPA Canada.

Note: A combination of academic courses (e.g. Business Communications, Business Ethics) and a description of the previous learning experience (e.g. extent of individual written work required in the program, significant group work that has been formally evaluated, significant case based analysis and significant presentation skills) is needed to demonstrate that you qualify for admission to the Program.

Verbal and Written Communication
Team Work
Section Preference

Please review the Program schedule for details. We will try our best to accommodate all section requests however we cannot guarantee that every student will be placed into their chosen section.

Please advise your section preference:

Additional Documents

An application can be submitted without a resume and transcripts. However, these documents will be required before an Application Advisor can provide feedback regarding program eligibility. Please submit as DOC, DOCX, RTF or PDF format. File size must be less than 4MB.

Authorization: I certify that the information in this application is accurate. I authorize all entities to provide relevant information to Queen's University for use in considering my application and waive any required notice to me. I understand and agree that any misrepresentation or omission of facts in this application will justify the denial or cancellation of admission.

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