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Did you happen to miss one of our previous webinars? Sign up to gain access to our library of recorded sessions. Catch up on valuable MSc and PhD program details and continue researching your next academic endeavour at your convenience.

Program Overview

Whether you're considering advancing your academic journey or exploring new horizons, this session is your key to informed decision-making. Dive into essential topics such as admission requirements, program structures, exciting funding opportunities, and potential career paths for MSc and PhD graduates.

Funding & Scholarships

Explore admission criteria, program structures, and various funding options, including internal and external scholarships. Uncover details about paid Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant positions.

Career Opportunities

In this session, you'll grasp our admission criteria and program structures, hear firsthand about the significant impact of research-based degrees from industry alumni, understand how an MSc or PhD equips you for success in the corporate world, explore potential career opportunities.


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