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Facilities & Resources

PhD students have access to a variety of resources through Smith and Queen’s University to support their academic journey.

Behavioural Lab and Research Subject Pool

Reserve lab time to conduct observation and experiment-based research on individuals and teams. Graduate students and faculty have access to a research subject pool comprised of undergraduate students for conducting behavioural, qualitative and survey research. Lab capabilities include video observation and facial expression recognition measurements.

IT Software & Services

Access a suite of tools and software at no cost through Queen's IT Services, including collaboration tools, content management solutions and research and analysis software.

Professional & Academic Development

The School of Graduate Studies at Queen’s University offers Expanding Horizons Professional Development, a suite of workshops, resources and initiatives to support graduate students in their academic, professional and personal success.

International Students

The Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) provides access to international student advisors, information on immigration related resources, learning opportunities and intercultural training.

Office Space

All PhD students are allocated shared office space within Goodes Hall from which to work throughout their time in the program.

Library Services

Students have access to Queen’s Library services. There are six libraries with approximately three million physical volumes containing more than 85 million journal articles, as well as variety of other search tools to access the information for your studies, including databases, e-books, and more than 80,000 e-journals.