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Queen’s Staff FAQ

How can I apply for the Certificate?

When you click on the ‘apply’ link, you will be taken to the main Undergraduate Admission website. You will need to create account. You will have the opportunity to identify yourself as a Queen’s staff member.

How many staff are admitted into the program?

We are currently accepting 25 staff members into the program on a first-applied, first-admitted basis. If you meet the admission requirements, but there are no spaces available, you may need to wait until the next intake to begin the program.

If I do not have a degree, can I still apply for the program?

Admission requirements are approved by Senate and are strict requirements.

Where can I see my admissions decision?

Admission decisions will appear on your SOLUS account. Applicants are assessed at the end of each month and decisions are typically posted on a Tuesday.

What is the cost of the Certificate?

Staff will take courses at the 600-level. Those courses are charged at the current Commerce tuition rate. Fees for courses are due as you register in courses. There is no upfront fee.

Are the courses eligible for tuition support through Queen’s?

Yes, CIB courses are eligible for the Tuition Assistance Program. For more information, please contact Queen’s HR.

How long do I have to complete the Certificate?

Staff who enroll in the Certificate have six (6) years in which to complete the requirements.

Will I be in a course with other Queen’s students, or just CIB students?

Students from all undergraduate programs at Queen’s take these courses.

Am I required to take all of the courses online?

Staff who wish to enroll in an in-person section of a course may do so, provided space is available.