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Broaden Your Career Options

Three start dates per year: September, January and May

Certificate in Business

Designed for Queen’s University students who want to gain fundamental knowledge in the key areas of business, to broaden their career options upon graduation.


Students are required to take six introductory Commerce courses, completed in conjunction with an undergraduate degree, to obtain the Certificate. The Certificate is recognized on the final transcript.

  • You may complete the courses at any point throughout your undergraduate studies at Queen’s University, including up to three (3) terms after graduation (summer, fall, winter).
  • Your first two courses must be taken at the 200-level, and may be counted as electives toward your undergraduate degree (or, for Economics students, as Economics options). These courses will be charged at your Faculty tuition rate. (For details about how these courses may count within your undergraduate degree, please see an Academic Advisor in your home faculty)
  • If you are an Arts and Science student, these two courses will count as the 6.0 units of non-Arts and Science courses that may count toward an Arts and Science degree. No further non-Arts and Science courses may be counted.
  • The remaining four courses must be taken at the 600-level and will count towards the Certificate in Business; they will not count towards your undergraduate degree requirements. Once these courses are completed, you will not be able to switch a 600-level course to a 200-level. These courses will be charged at the Commerce tuition rate.

When should I apply?

Students can apply to enroll in the Certificate at any point before convocation, once they have completed 18.0 graded units at Queen’s. There are three (3) start dates per year: September, January, and May.

To be considered for admission, please apply within the following dates:

  • For Fall admission:
    apply between Jun 1 - Aug 1
  • For Winter admission:
    apply between Oct 1 - Dec 1
  • For Summer admission:
    apply between Feb 1 - Apr 1

Applications will be assessed and decisions will be made at the end of each month.

Apply Now

For inquiries, please contact:

The Smith Certificate in Business program is administered by the Smith Commerce Office.

Certificate in Business
Goodes Hall, room 130

Fees for 2023-2024

Applies to 600 level courses only

Student Units per Course Fee per Unit Fee per Course
Domestic Students 3.0 $493.56 $1,480.68
International Students 3.0 $1,798.71 $5,396.12

Any applicable student activity fees (SAF), student assistance levy (SAL), and University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) assessed by Queen’s University are not included in the above totals.

Note: fees do not include access to the Career Advancement Centre.

Admission Criteria

  • Must be in good academic standing as a degree-seeking undergraduate student
  • Must maintain good academic standing throughout the length of the Certificate in Business
  • Must have a required minimum cumulative GPA of 2.60
  • Must have achieved a minimum of C in any completed COMM 200 level courses

Academic Progress Criteria

To remain in the Certificate in Business program, you must:

  • Achieve a minimum grade in each Certificate course of C (2.0)
  • Complete all requirements within one year (three terms) of convocation
Academic Regulations