Queen's Certificate in Business

Program Logistics

Your marks for your 600-level courses will show up on your transcript and are included in your cumulative GPA. They are not included in undergraduate specific calculations (i.e. Dean’s List).

The certificate doesn't replace a major or a minor, it is simply a certificate you would receive to complement your degree.

Yes, you can still apply for the certificate even though you have applied to transfer. As long as you are currently a full-time student in an honours program, you are eligible.

Overall, we will be accepting approximately 160 students each year from Arts and Science, 80 students from Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and five (5) students from the Four-Year Nursing program.

Yes, CIB students have up to one year, post-convocation, to complete the Certificate requirements.

No, all certificate courses must be taken at Queen’s. However, we do offer some online courses.

As of right now there are three (3) courses available in the summer: Business Fundamentals - COMM 200/600, Fundamentals of Marketing - COMM 231/631, and Organizational Behaviour - COMM 251/651.

You may apply two (2) of the six (6) courses towards your undergraduate degree. These two (2) courses would be at the 200 level. The remaining four (4) courses will be taken under the Certificate and will not be counted toward your degree. These courses will be at the 600 level.

It is recommended that you complete your first two (2) Certificate courses at the 200 level.

Students can apply in any year of their degree, as long as they have not convocated yet.

Should you be admitted into the program and choose not to continue, you can opt to drop out of the certificate. There is no penalty, however 600-level courses cannot be put towards your degree and cannot be switched to a 200 level. However, you should notify the Registrar’s Office.

Admission Requirements

There are no prerequisite courses for this program, but you must meet the admission requirements. Admission requirements are as follows:

  • Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.60
  • Students must have achieved a minimum grade of C+ in any completed 200 level COMM course

You do not need any previous business knowledge, as all courses are introductory level.

You are not required to have taken any Commerce courses prior to the program. If you have taken any Commerce courses in the 200 or 600 level before, you are required to have received a minimum of C+.


All courses taken at Queen’s will appear on your transcript and the grades you receive in these courses will be included in your GPA.

You will choose which courses are 200-level and which courses are 600-level at your point of enrollment. You will not be able to swap them.

The minimum GPA qualification must be met in order to be eligible for the certificate. It is a strict requirement.


200-level courses can be used towards your undergraduate degree as electives. However, the faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and the Four-Year Nursing Program does not recognize courses above 599, so the 600-level courses can not be used towards your degree. For this reason, you will be charged at Commerce rates for each 600-level course.

For any information regarding financial assistance please contact the Registrar’s Office.

200-level courses are still open to students outside of Commerce, however students enrolled in the CIB are given priority. 600-level courses are restricted to CIB candidates.

The courses that you have taken will count towards your certificate. However, if you have taken two or more courses, the remaining courses you take will be at the 600-level.

Taking the certificate will only ensure you have access to the required courses required within the certificate, it will not gain you access to upper-year Commerce courses.