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What I Wish I Knew Early in My Career

We are thrilled to announce the success of our recent panel discussion following the theme, “What I Wish I Knew Early in My Career”, which was conducted in collaboration with WCM (Women in Capital Markets). The panel discussion featured professionals dedicated to advancing women in finance.

Moderator: Amanda Bassin, CPA, CA Bassin, President | Persuit Group


A sincere thank you to Tiffany Holtz for putting together such an incredible panel.

The event was a powerful testament to our commitment to promoting gender equality in the financial sector. Through events like this, we strive to empower finance professionals, foster meaningful connections, and inspire change within the financial industry.

Stay tuned for more initiatives and events as we continue our mission to champion diversity and inclusion in finance.

Past Events

Mentor-Mentee Connect (Round 2)

After much success in the first round of Mentor-Mentee connect, we put together another panel of mentors for students to connect with. Workshops followed the same format of panel followed with one-on-one Flash Mentorship Session in breakout rooms between the mentor and students.

Mentor Panel:

  • Brittany Owens: Director, Commercial Derivative Products Group at Scotiabank
  • Morgan Cassie: Associate Director, High Yield at Scotiabank
  • Christine Yan: Associate, Private Equity at CPP Investments
  • Joanne Liang: Valuations & Modelling at BDO Canada
Mentor-Mentee Connect

Students had the chance to connect with a panel of mentors to learn about their journey, challenges and successes. Workshop was hybrid with a panel session and breakout rooms, giving the students an opportunity to meet and connect with mentors personally during the Flash Mentoring Session.

Mentor Panel:

  • Danielle LeClair – Director of Manager Research, Morningstar Canada
  • Emiko Savic – Impact Investment and Operation Manager at Social Capital Partners (SCP)
  • Maria Solovieva, CFA – Economist, TD Economics
  • Maha Ali Khan – Investment Analyst, Equity Investments at Scotiabank
Mentorship Series: Demystifying Mentorship

This session was focused on how to make the best of mentorship opportunities and relationships. Students learned about how to best to approach a mentor, to connect with them, to set their objectives for the mentorship, and how to maintain the connection. Session also included current resources available to students including mentorship books (The Mentee’s Guide) and SmithConnect, a networking platform for current and alumni students.

Virtual Networking Event

Event showcased the steps companies are taking in order to promote gender equity in the workplace. An initial introduction was followed up with two rounds of networking that lasted 30 minutes each. The turnout included both men and women and led to a healthy discussion overall. Spokespeople answered questions ranging from what influences hiring decisions to what the future of equity will look like.

Companies joined:

  • RBC Global Asset Management
  • RSM Canada
  • Alpha FMC
  • Quinn & Partners
  • Empire Life
  • Kraft Heinz