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Case Competition

2024 Case Competition

More information about the 2024 Case Competition is coming soon.


TBD in Fall 2024

Registration requirement

Teams of 1-3 (can be assigned if you don’t have a team)

Challenge Details

  • Products available to trade: Futures and Options
  • Sectors available: Energy, Equity Index, Foreign Exchange and Cryptocurrencies
  • Each participant will start with a $100,000 trading account
  • Participants can only hold a maximum of 10 contracts for each product at any one time

If you are interested in participating, please contact us.

Past Competitions

Derivates Trading Challenge

SWIF hosted its first trading challenge. Teams tested their derivates knowledge in this unique 3-week trading challenge on the CME trading simulator. They were given access to short explanatory videos before trading. Leader dashboard was displayed in real time to track their progress and position.

Investing in the New Decade

Amid an ever-changing investment landscape, does the old-fashioned value investing remain viable? How does one identify companies' "moats" and unleash value? How can investors integrate ESG into their investment framework? And what exactly is impact investing? With tremendous support from the industry, the Smith Women in Finance 2020 Case Competition is proud to take you on a journey and explore what it takes to be a sophisticated investor in the new decade.