Our Top 10 Stories of 2020

In a year like no other, here are some of the most popular stories on Smith Business Insight
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If nothing else, 2020 may go down as one of those landmark years, like 1919 or 1968, jam-packed with historical significance. Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter and, of course, COVID, COVID, COVID. 

Most of us are just glad to toss 2020 into the trash (thanks pandemic) and look forward to a better tomorrow. 

The Smith Business Insight team has compiled this list of 10 of the most popular articles we published this year. From leadership in a crisis to what Canada can expect from Joe Biden, these stories are worth a second look. 

So before we break into “Auld Lang Syne”, let’s look back, shall we ... after all, hindsight is 2020:

The Next Stage of the Crisis is Upon Us

For business leaders, dealing with coronavirus was tough. Now comes the hard part.

Strategizing in Times of Crisis

In the haze of a pandemic, here are five things operational leaders should start to work on.

What Will a Biden Presidency Mean to Canada?

After four years of drama with Donald Trump, Canadians are hoping for a better relationship with America’s next leader. 

Forget Heroes. We Need Our Leaders to Act Small

Amid the swirl of uncertainty and anxiety, employees are looking for empathy and compassion, not grand gestures.

And the Oscar Goes to… Big Data

How analytics (and maybe a better snack bundle) can save the movie theatre.

The Price Tag for Clean Growth in Canada

The country’s first capital plan for a low-carbon future is “reasonable and achievable”.

Why Can't Companies Get Stuff Done?

A surprising number of businesses struggle to execute on their strategy. Professor Kathryn Brohman examines why. And how to do better. 

Building Team Trust From a Distance

Social and productivity tools for when work environments go virtual.

What Matters Now in Diversity and Inclusion?

With Black Lives Matter, a once in a lifetime opportunity emerges.

The Trouble with Self-Managing Teams

Teams that run themselves are popular, but they don’t always work. Sometimes you just need a leader.

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