Global Check-in: State of Financial Markets

From Hong Kong, London, and New York, a blue-chip panel discusses the key issues shaping global markets in the months ahead
Tuesday May 24, 2016 11:00 AM EDT
Global Check-in: State of Financial Markets

At times it can be hard to decide if global financial markets are sliding down a slippery slope or firming up their fundamentals. At the very least, stability seems ever elusive. In its latest report, the International Monetary Fund says risks are rising in advanced economies and remain high in emerging markets. Setbacks to growth, greater uncertainty, and weaker confidence are all taking a toll on market activity, according to the IMF.

The story can be slightly different depending on where you sit. That’s why Smith Business Insight assembled a panel of experts from three bellwether markets to weigh in:

  • Wei Wang, Associate Professor and Distinguished Faculty Fellow of Finance, and Director of Queen's Master of Finance-Beijing; in Hong Kong
  • Jerry del Missier, Founder and Executive Chairman of Copper Street Capital; in London
  • Ted Goldthorpe, President of Apollo Investment Corporation, Chief Investment Officer of Apollo Investment Management, and Global Co-Head of Direct Origination; in New York City

In this 45-minute session, presenters will discuss issues such as:

  • The state of China’s transition to a more market-based financial system
  • How the Brexit debate is affecting financial markets in the UK
  • Potential impacts of the latest election cycle on markets in the U.S.
  • The state of global financial regulatory reform
  • How FinTech may shape trading in the years ahead

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