Our Top Stories from 2021

Discover practical advice on leadership, teamwork and creating better workplaces in five of our most popular articles from the past year
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For many, the dawn of a new year is a time for fresh starts. A time to set new intentions. A time to refocus and embrace a fresh perspective. 

In reviewing our top performing stories of 2021, a clear—but perhaps not surprising—trend emerged. Our readers showed a keen interest in articles that offered practical advice on leadership, teamwork and creating better workplaces.

As a manager, it’s important to help your team feel engaged and meet its objectives. As a team member, you want to contribute your best. This can be especially challenging during these “unprecedented times”. And with no end to the pandemic in sight, we all need to understand why we’re feeling drained and how to manage the (very real) stressors in our lives. These skills will help us continue to grow and develop professionally without burning out.

Thus, we offer you a roundup of our popular content from 2021. These insightful articles will help you thrive under pressure, make more rational decisions at work, improve your team dynamic, become a better leader and find your voice. As we head toward the next normal, let’s continue to harness our strength and resilience together.

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The High Cost of Emotional Labour

Jobs that require emotions to be carefully managed can leave workers open to burnout and withdrawal. The pandemic isn’t helping.

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What Causes Pressure? And What Can I Do About It?

There are three reasons we feel pressure. Managing them can make us more effective at work. And everywhere else.

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How to Speak Up at Work Without Hurting Your Career

Half of employees are reluctant to share their ideas and opinions. Here’s how to find your voice. And how leaders can help.

Vector illustration of people holding hands in a cicle

Tapping the Power of the Peer

In praise of an underused form of mentorship—one that research shows actually works.

Vector illustration of angry boss and nervous employees at a business meeting

How Do Employees Respond to Abusive Bosses?

Most suffer in silence. Some get violent. Others overcome the emotional exhaustion by quietly altering how they work.

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