Provoke! How Leaders Can Shape the Future

A discussion with bestselling business author Steve Goldbach
60 minutes
Wednesday Feb 2, 2022 12:00 PM EST
A drop of water creates a ripple effect.

The world is getting harder to predict. While uncertainty has always been with us, it has snapped into focus with the pandemic and the impact of technological advances.

Human beings are naturally wired to take a “wait and see” approach to manage uncertainty, but it is the exact opposite of this instinct that is needed to thrive in an uncertain future.

The best leaders don’t wait for the future to arrive, they provoke it.

This 60-minute webinar explores why and how people act tentatively in the face of uncertainty and the tools we need to do things differently. Featuring Steve Goldbach, chief strategy officer at Deloitte and co-author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Provoke: How Leaders Shape the Future by Overcoming Fatal Human Flaws. Hosted by innovation expert, TEDx and TEC speaker Nilufer Erdebil.

Attendees explore:

  • How humanity’s “fatal flaws,” rooted in behavioural economics, lead to biases and hinder action
  • Why leaders—in the face of new data—tend to miss, deny, overanalyze and/or respond meekly to trends
  • How to move beyond fatal flaws via a "path of provocation"
  • How to drive desired outcomes or adapt a business model to face a likely future

This webinar was recoded live on Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

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