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Designed specifically for studying the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the context of modern business decision-making.

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Queen’s Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence

The potential of artificial intelligence is extraordinary. The power to transform operations, customer experiences, and product and service design is exponential. These opportunities cut across every sector.

Harnessing AI’s potential for competitive performance requires a new type of professional. One who not only understands the capacity of the science, but has the expertise to apply it to organizational needs and strategies, and who can navigate the ethical, economic and societal implications.

The Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence will provide:

  • A strong understanding of the technical principles of AI and modern methods for data search and retrieval, and how to practically apply them to real world problems;
  • Command of best practices in identifying opportunities for and applying AI;
  • Expertise in the business practices required to effectively use AI and machine learning;
  • Awareness and engagement in the ethical, economic, and societal impacts of computers exhibiting intelligent behavior;
  • Enhancement of skills for communicating complex problems and AI solutions to wide audiences in an organization; and
  • Training in creating and maintaining high performance work teams.

Smith MMAI students are eligible to receive prestigious Vector Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence. Find out more.

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A 12-month program starting in August while you work

Classes on Tuesday evenings and alternate Saturdays at SmithToronto in downtown Toronto. Plus two one-week residential sessions at Goodes Hall in Kingston.

Teaching Approach & Faculty

The content will be delivered through a combination of lectures, seminars, experiential learning, team assignments, projects, presentations, real-world problem solving and a capstone project.

Faculty are drawn from leading experts and experienced teachers at Smith School of Business plus adjunct faculty from the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a hub of outstanding global talent focused on research excellence in deep learning and machine learning.

Students will use the latest software tools to build and deploy a variety of machine learning models including unsupervised learning, supervised learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and natural language processing.

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Curriculum Overview

The Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence balances technical, management, and problem-solving content. A capstone project in the final module allows individual students to apply AI solutions to real business cases provided by program partners. View course descriptions

  1. One Week at Goodes Hall, Kingston

    Introduction to Management
    High-performance Teams
    Mathematics and Development Techniques for AI

  2. SmithToronto

    Machine Learning and AI Technology
    Analytical Decision Making

  3. SmithToronto

    Natural Language Processing
    Deep Learning

  4. One Week at SmithToronto

    Agile Project Management for AI
    AI Ethics and Policy
    AI Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  5. SmithToronto

    AI in Marketing
    AI in Finance

  6. SmithToronto

    AI Strategy and Change Management
    Reinforcement Learning and Applications

  7. SmithToronto

    AI Capstone Project – an opportunity to customize learnings and apply to a real world project

  8. One Week at Goodes Hall, Kingston

    AI Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    Kick off Capstone Projects

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Admissions Requirements

  • To be considered for admission to the Queen’s Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence program, applicants must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university in one of the following subjects: Mathematics, Business, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering or Science.
  • Successful applicants will have completed at least one university course on a listed topic, in two of the following categories.


    • Introductory Statistics
    • Calculus
    • Data Mining and Machine Learning
    • Introduction to Data Science
    • Linear Algebra

    Computer Science

    • Introduction to Programming
    • Introduction to Data Structures
    • Algorithms
    • Introduction to Databases
    • Data Mining


    • Business Intelligence
    • Data Management
    • Data Science for Business
    • Artificial Intelligence for Business
    • Business Analytics
  • A GMAT score of 650 or above. This requirement may be waived for exceptional candidates.
  • Excellent English language communications skills. Successful completion of standardized language tests where required.
  • Typically, a minimum of 2 years relevant work experience. Exceptional applicants without work experience may be considered.

Program Fees

Deposit $2,000 $2,000
Aug 1, 2019 $18,518 $24,633
Jan 1, 2020 $20,518 $26,633
May 1, 2020 $20,519 $26,634
Total $61,555 $79,900

Speak to an Application Advisor about available financing and scholarships.

Applicants to Smith’s MMAI program may be eligible for a prestigious Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence. Speak to our admissions team for more information.

International Student Loans

MPOWER Financial

MPOWER Financing offers loans to international students. To learn more or to start an application go to the MPOWER Financing website.


Note: acceptance to a program does not guarantee or imply qualification for financing.

Subject to Queen’s Board and Ministry approval.
Deposit is non-refundable.
Additional fees include a $99.99 student assistance levy. International students will also be required to purchase the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) if they cannot provide evidence of equivalent coverage.

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Smith School of Business’ Application Advisors will work one-on-one with you to understand the program and support you through the steps of the application process.

Contact an Application Advisor toll-free at 1.888.393.2622 or 1.613.533.6811

Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas
Academic Director
Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence