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This program will not be offered in Summer 2024. We are undertaking a review of the program to ensure it best meets current and future needs.

Student Success Stories

Marteen Sevier

“I chose the GDB program after hearing about the amazing experiences my friends had while at Smith, which helped them to attain the positions they are in today. I’m working closely with the Career Advancement Centre to build meaningful relationships with prospective employers, which will enable me to use these connections moving forward when networking and interviewing after graduation.”

Marteen Sevier, GDB'19
Bachelor of Fine Arts
York University

Remi Ojo

“I believe that the Graduate Diploma in Business program at Smith was the ideal choice for me to bridge the gap between technical knowledge and business savvy. The program provides graduates with excellent opportunities to develop and thrive in a business setting. It granted me the skills necessary to propel my career forward and broaden the opportunities available to me. It is truly an invaluable program and experience that instills an increased sense of confidence.”

Remi Ojo, GDB'15, MBA'20, MMA'21, MMAI'22 candidate
BSc in Chemical Engineering
Queen's University
Now: Director of Operations Engineering and Transformation, Bond Brand Loyalty

Shaarujaa Nadarajah

“I was looking to transition into the private sector and with an undergraduate degree in science, I didn’t feel confident applying for jobs in business. While I was searching for a graduate program where I could gain business fundamentals without committing to pursuing a full MBA, I came across the Graduate Diploma in Business. Over the course of the summer, I have gained an integrated business education. As I am looking forward to the future, I feel much more equipped and confident to start a career in business.”

Shaarujaa Nadarajah, GDB'19
Life Sciences
McMaster University

Jamie Baker

“One of the most impressive things to me was the degree to which they were able to form us into these coherent, integrated, supporting teams so quickly. Smith’s reputation precedes it, but beyond that relative to other similarly reputable schools, the level of service is unmatched.”

Jamie Baker, GDB'19
International Relations & Economics
Queen's University

Precia Darshan

“The GDB was an excellent catalyst to achieve my MBA while pursuing my law degree at Queen’s. The program was a wonderful introduction to the high-calibre teaching faculty at Smith School of Business. The instructors work diligently to ensure your comprehension and to help you attain your career goals. Furthermore, the academic and industry diversity of my peers embellished my learning through an exchange of industry insights and unique perspectives.”

Precia Darshan, GDB'15, JD/MBA'17
University of Toronto
Now: Associate, Stikeman Elliot LLP

Shannon Gong

“The GDB program served as a platform for me to make a smooth transition from my legal background into the financial industry. Particularly, it equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge of the business field to prepare me for the Master of Finance — Beijing program. The program’s emphasis on team building also had a lifelong impact on me in terms of personal growth. I was impressed with the overall quality of the program, the passionate teaching of the Faculty members and the intellectually stimulating learning environment at Smith.”

Shannon Gong, GDB'15, MFin'17
Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Now: Associate, ESG, BCI

Josh Graham

“I needed a program that would give me the knowledge and acumen necessary to kick-start my career. Smith's team-based approach to learning not only delivered on content, but made business education a truly unique experience. I feel the GDB has allowed me to fast-track my entry level experience and move quickly into a more specialized role.”

Josh Graham, GDB'15, MBA'19
BA in Political Science and History
Queen's University
Now: Investment Research Analyst, Scotiabank

Shawna Griffin

“The Graduate Diploma in Business was the ideal program to enhance my undergraduate degree and provide a leading edge into so many career opportunities. The faculty showed genuine care for their students and were instrumental in ensuring we were prepared for our next professional steps. The best part is that, at such a reputable business school, I have gained practical experience, developed valuable knowledge and skills, and advanced my professional business career in just four months.”

Shawna Griffin, GDB'15, MBA'21
BSc in Life Sciences
Queen's University
Now: Associate of Strategic Initiatives, RBC

Justin Reekie

“My undergraduate degree in Drama allowed me to develop a specialized skill set that focused on communication, storytelling, and effectively working in a team. The Graduate Diploma in Business provided me the opportunity to directly apply my background into a business context while also equipping me with the fundamentals needed in my career. This program effectively pairs students' unique undergraduate perspectives with the Smith School of Business experience in order to excel in the recruitment process.”

Justin Reekie, GDB'15
BA in Drama
Queen's University
Now: Brand Manager, Proctor & Gamble

Haley Rudolph

“Beyond teaching me necessary technical skills, the GDB’s emphasis on character development and team-based learning really increased my confidence in myself and in working with others going into my career. The diverse backgrounds of my classmates and excellent quality of teaching from Smith’s committed instructors made this program a challenging but highly rewarding experience. I am grateful for the network I have joined in attending Smith School of Business and the fantastic opportunities it continues to provide me.”

Haley Rudolph, GDB'15
BA in Media, Information and Technoculture
Western University
Now: Strategy & Performance Management Lead, Indigo

Sarah Dowler

“The Graduate Diploma in Business is a fantastic program for young grads looking to jumpstart their entry into business careers. The program provides fantastic opportunities for personal and intellectual growth, providing a great foundation for success in the business world. Through conversations with a supportive network of professors, classmates, and MBA alumni, I was able to decide upon a career path that was the right fit for me, and secure a management consulting position that I would not have been able to land without the program.”

Sarah Dowler, GDB'14, MBA'16
BA in Psychology & BSc in Biochemistry
Dalhousie University
Now: Senior Policy Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Health