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Social Innovation Hackathon

Shaping a Culture of Belonging at Queen's University

The Social Innovation Hackathon is an engaging immersion into the world of social innovation and its implications for using business as a catalyst for social change. Participants will have the opportunity to work in teams to create innovative solutions for social impact challenges that growing dynamic organizations are facing today.

Teams will begin by reviewing a challenge provided by the organization participating in the event. They will have the day of the Hackathon to engage with the problem and brainstorm potential solutions. Teams will then provide a pitch deck presentation and pitch to a team of judges detailing their unique ideas and resolutions.

Participation is offered in-person and virtual, including Q&A sessions and final presentations.

This is an excellent opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills and sharpen critical thinking in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Registration Closed

The event registration is now closed as the event has reached capacity.

Key dates & deadlines

Task Date
Registrations Closes Mon, Jan 22 @ 9 am (ET)
Kickoff Event (virtual) Mon, Jan 22 @ 7 pm (ET)
Team Formation Tue, Jan 23 @ 5 pm (ET)
Info Session 1 Wed, Jan 24 @ 7 pm (ET)
Info Session 2 Thu, Jan 25 @ 7 pm (ET)
Case Released Fri, Jan 26 @ 7 pm (ET)
Finals Day (in-person) Sat, Jan 27, 9 am - 5 pm (ET)

Experiential Ventures Funding

Experience Ventures enables university students to make an impact alongside real-world innovators through project-based experiences. The initiative has benefits for both students and companies:

  • Hone your entrepreneurial innovation skills to become future ready
  • A clear explanation of the product or service and the pain point/problem you are solving that answers the ‘so what.’ - build the emotional attachment to ‘why should we care?” and ‘how will this make life better for the target market?’
  • Energize new companies with the next generation of talent and amplify impact
  • Build innovation networks with diverse and passionate talent
  • The experiential learning cycle is a four-step learning process that is applied multiple times in every interaction and experience: Experience – Reflect – Think – Act.
  • Each Experience Ventures placement fosters Experiential Learning
  • Experiential Learning is an important part to a student’s educational and career journey