Consulting Process

Each of our projects follows a 5-step process

From our initial contact with a client to when the final results of the project are realized, the SBC process allows our consultants to develop unique strategies to address the issues facing your business.


Submit Questionnaire

We ask that you start our consulting process by providing us with some quick details about your business and the challenges that you are facing. This survey will give us a better idea of your current situation and your goals for the project before assessing the best way we can work with you.

Complete our Questionnaire


Client Interview

Once the questionnaire has been received, an interview will be arranged in our offices at Smith School of Business, at your company location, or by telephone. This will be your opportunity to ask further questions about our process and expertise, and our opportunity to gain further details regarding your unique situation.


Accept Proposal

Within three business days of the interview (two weeks for May to August clients), a formal proposal will be submitted to you from the SBC consultants. This proposal will contain a project plan, timeline for completion, as well as associated costs. Our firm bills a nominal fee of $150 per consultant/day. We work with each client to tailor our services and match your budget.


Receive Report

By working with you throughout the consulting process, our consultants create results that are customized for your specific business, industry and challenge. After a SBC team has conducted the required work to fulfill your project requirements, they will report their findings to your company team complete with all key deliverables.


Realize Results

When developing final recommendations for your company, SBC always keeps results top-of-mind. For more information about the results we can create for your firm, you can refer to past client testimonials.